Home Garage Door Replacement Guide

Garage doors are essential parts of our homes and not just decorative hardware. Besides being the primary entrance, they provide security, and protection from the weather elements, and also add value to our property. It’s no secret that well-functioning residential garage doors are key to a secure home. On average, garage doors open and close … Read more

Fiberglass Garage Doors vs. Steel Garage Doors

Choosing the right type of garage door for your home involves a lot of patience and research. You must gather information not just about the garage door style options, but also about the garage door materials,  variety of finishes, range of color options, etc. You must also look for the best garage door manufacturer and … Read more

Advantages of Roller Shutter Garage Doors

There are many types of garage doors like sectional doors, roller doors, carriage style, or canopy style garage doors. Many Nashville residents can get easily confused looking at these types of doors.  We do not know if we should look at the curb appeal of the door, its performance, or its thermal efficiency. And there … Read more

When do I Need a New Garage Door?

Homeowners usually fit a new garage door when they are setting up a new home or renovating it.  Apart from this, there are times when your garage door needs a quick replacement. It is better to identify the warning signs that tell you when it is time for your garage door replacement.  If you know … Read more

Common Questions When Buying a Garage Door

Every buyer who wishes to purchase a garage door has numerous questions to ask. Professional dealers have to face a barrage of questions about brands of garage doors, garage door models, opener models, etc. Garage door specialists face questions about garage doors like the safety features, energy efficiency, thermal resistance, etc. Garage door dealers are … Read more

What are the types of tracks used in Garage doors?

Tip Top Garage Doors Nashville - Types of Tracks in Nashville

Of all the garage door components, tracks are the most important. Garage door tracks are responsible for the smooth opening and closing of the door. The correct alignment and functioning of the door depend on this garage door hardware.  Tracks are of different types depending on the types of the garage door. Nashville’s best garage … Read more

Why is Energy Efficient Garage door important?

Tip Top Garage Doors Nashville - Importance of Energy Garage Door in Nashville

The word “energy-efficient” has become synonymous with many things. Now it is associated with garage doors. Green or energy-efficient garage doors are in popular demand lately. They form a thermal envelope around the garage that yields energy savings and reduces your monthly utility costs. But, what exactly is an energy-efficient garage door? What is the … Read more

Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Tip Top Garage Doors Nashville - Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance in Nashville

The change of seasons has both pleasant and perilous effects on us and the things we use. Let us take garage doors, for instance. Seasonal changes have a harmful effect on Garage doors. This is why you should call a garage door professional for the seasonal maintenance of your garage doors. Why do garage doors need seasonal … Read more

What’s the Value of Improving My Garage Door?

Tip Top Garage Doors - Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Prospective buyers look for a garage as one of the necessities while buying a house. And if the garage is well-maintained, the house fetches more return-on-investment. This is why most homeowners take efforts to improve their residential garage doors.But there are more benefits of improving a garage door than this. Nashville’s best garage door repair … Read more

What to do if the garage door keeps stopping?

Tip Top Garage Doors Nashville - Garage Door Maintenance Tips

The main purpose of using a garage door is to keep your vehicle safe. But if this garage door keeps stopping, what is its use? A good question but one that we often face in our daily routine.  Garage doors are prone to malfunction. They sometimes do not open fully or stop midway while closing. … Read more