12 Things Never To Keep In Your Garage

The garage is a convenient place to keep a lot of your clutter, but some household items are best stowed somewhere else. The garage is typically the first place people think of when they need storage for sports equipment or household items that are rarely used. But did you know it can actually damage your car?

And some things in garage storage might pose risks to both yourself and those around you! So before storing anything else, take time to evaluate whether this storage space will be safe enough with all its potential dangers.

Read on to find out what items you should never keep in your garage, explained by our garage door repair experts in Brentwood.


On cold winter nights, the temptation is great to store your wood in a garage. But resist that urge! Along with all those cords of firewood comes pest infestation which can enter through cracks and windowsills before eventually making its way into homes nearby—maybe even yours. Storage of your firewood is essential to ensure that it stays in a dry location. As the simplest way, stacking on an elevated rack and covering with a tarp will do just fine!

Canned Food

Store your canned food in a cool, dry place to avoid the risk of rusting and spoilage. The USDA recommends storing canned goods in a cool, and dry place. The heat in a garage can cause food to spoil faster when it’s hotter than 85 degrees Fahrenheit.


There’s no room for error when you have a camp stove or grill. Make sure to store your propane tanks outdoors and never in an enclosed area like the garage because if there are any sparks from welding operations near one of these containers then it could start fires that would put lives at risk!

A Spare Refrigerator

The garage is such a hot spot during the summer that it can reach temperatures of 100 degrees or higher. The fridge then has to work overtime just so you don’t fry yourself with your own utility bill! The fridge does a fantastic job of keeping food fresh in the cold temperature, even if you have an insulated door!

Wooden Furniture

If you have antique wood furniture that is valuable, consider passing it on to your children now rather than storing it in the garage for a long period of time. When the temperature and humidity fluctuations in a home are too great, they can cause all kinds of trouble for your furniture. This could lead to things like veneer delamination or even warping!


Humidity levels are the enemy of electronics. The high levels in a garage can cause serious damage to your devices, especially if they’re powered by printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Paper Products

The garage is not the perfect place to store your books and documents. They will be at risk of getting damaged by paper-eating pests or fluctuating garage temperatures.


leftover paint can separate or gel even if it has not been opened. Half-filled paint cans are great for storing in the garage or basement when you don’t plan on using them again anytime soon. Make sure to tightly seal your can and put it away until needed!


Gasoline is a hazardous material and should never be stored in close proximity to children or animals. Make sure you use approved containers for storing gas, place them on plywood away from the concrete garage floor so they’re out of direct sunlight touch; keep these cans far away from anything else that might leak!


The garage is not the place for storing your wine and other alcoholic beverages. Even sealed bottles can be affected by extreme temperatures, so keep them safe from harm inside an air-conditioned house or office building instead!

Pet Food and Pantry Staples

It’s no secret that food attracts pests. The same is true for both humans and pets, but if we have enough sense then storing our perishable goods in an area away from the garage will help keep them safe from infestation by pesky bugs!

Oily Rags

When you finish using an oil-based product like a stain or sealant, don’t just throw away the rags! The used clothes are highly combustible and can start fires by themselves. Even in absence of sparks, there’s still a risk of self-ignition when piling up oily clothes next to each other on top shelves where they may catch fire from any spark passing through them.

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