7 Garage Door Makeovers To Inspire a Remodel

You renovate your home, you paint your fence. But did you give your garage door a makeover?

Everyone ignores the garage door until it is totally run down and needs desperate attention. What they fail to realize is that a shabby or boring garage door can diminish the curb appeal of your entire house. It sticks out like an odd man in a crowd. And this matters for the architectural style of the house is complete only with an artistic and bold garage door. Bespoke garages add value not only to the exterior design and aesthetic appeal, but they also impact their resale value too!

This brings us to the topic of amazing garage door makeovers. Where can one get brilliant garage conversion ideas? Our Brentwood garage door repair experts have lent their suggestions on garage renovation below.

7 inspiring garage door makeover ideas

Awesome garage makeovers should begin with its exterior, mainly the door. The garage door style is an important exterior design element that can affect the attraction of the entire house. So, plan your garage makeover with care by beginning with these excellent garage door design ideas.

Painting the door

Give the garage door a coat of paint and it looks as good as new. start with the doorframe. Give the frame a bold color and the door panel a lighter one or vice versa. Next, pay attention to the header that sits on top of the frame. This header might be made of wood and can do well with a bright color. If you want a seamless finish, paint the header in the same frame as the door frame. If you want variety, paint it differently in contrasting colors.

Usually, solid colors like red, green, brown,or blue can be used on doors. Experiment with the color scheme if you want your door to have a. unique design.

Bold colors make your garage stand out with distinction. Use vibrant colors like red in contrast with black or blue with white for dramatic effects.

Upgrade your door’s hardware

It is the hardware that makes your garage door function smoothly. So, check all the bolts, nuts, screws, springs, hinges, rollers, etc. If the springs or hinges are rusted, replace them with new ones.

Look at the handle, latch, and lock of your garage door. Should you replace them with fancy ones? Or change the lock to a stronger deadbolt?

Choose your hardware to suit the design of your door. For instance, a wood overlay carriage house door will look good with heavy brass handles.

Take the help of a seasoned garage expert in selecting the hardware. Look for both style and functionality in the hardware and also focus on the security they provide and the maintenance they require.

Panel your door

If you want your garage door to look new while conforming to the home design, why don’t you opt for panels? You can use an embossed or recessed panel depending on the garage door style.

Rustic or country designs work well with panels. The panels are of metal or wood and can have paintings, frescoes, or riddles on them. Metal panels look good when painted while wooden panels look fabulous with staining or varnishing.

Light up your door

Adding lights to your garage door can not only add appeal but also enhance the security of your door. you can add decorative lights or accent lights to your door. Fix floodlights to the top of your garage door.

Add lights to the sides or bottom of your garage door so that they light up when the door is opened. A glass garage door with light inlays looks splendid from the outside.

Add windows to your garage door

A garage door with windows does look stylish. Windows usher in light and fresh air into your garage. Explore different options like arched windows, glazed windows, window slats, window inserts, etc. An abundance of windows will not only mar the look but pose a threat to safety. So, use them in moderation with style.

Change the front door facade

Give the facade of your door a total overhaul. You can try a wide range of options from a modest facade to an elaborate craftsman facade.

A craftsman facade can be wood, brick, mortar, or stucco siding and paneling. The door is characterized by a low-pitch roof with exposed roof rafters. You can have wide eaves coupled with triangular brackets for more effect.

If you want to cut back costs, stay content with a modest facade with minimal design elements.

Replace the door itself

If any of the above options do not work out, why not replace the door itself? Change the traditional door with a modern one. While you are at it, you can install an insulated garage door. Or an automatic door operated. by a remote. Call a reputed garage door company with a team of expert professionals to handle this garage door replacement.

When it comes to a garage door, you can do wonders provided you have an experienced garage door repair service professional in Nashville by your side.

Call our Nashville garage door repair company experts from Tip Top Garage Doors at (615) 696-7300 and start your garage door makeover at once.

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