7 Garage Upgrades Worth Considering

Most residents of Tennessee set aside savings for upgrading their phones or renovating their homes. Yet, not many think of upgrading our garage.

Most of us fail to realize the following facts:

  • A garage constitutes 30% of the home’s exterior facade
  • An attractive garage can add $5000 to $25000 to the value of your home.

These facts will now make you take a look at your outdated garage. Now, you will consider garage renovation seriously.

Usually, garage upgrades are a part of home improvement projects. But, since redoing your garage is an exterior project, it can be handled separately as well.

So, let us not waste more time but check out these ideas for a garage makeover suggested by Franklin’s garage door repair company experts.

7 superb ideas for a garage makeover

  • Improving the garage lighting

A garage need not be a dark and gloomy place. Light up your garage and turn it into an actual living space.

Providing accent lighting might actually improve the appeal of the garage interiors. You can also use lighting on the floor and garage walls to enhance its brightness. If you want to reduce the energy costs for lighting, you can install windows to let in the sunlight for natural illumination.

  • Better climate control

One way to cut back the energy bills is to provide climate control. Fitting a tight weather seal can help you prevent the entry or exit of heat from your garage.

You can also use air conditioning during summer or a heater during winter if you are using the garage as an office space.

  • Install or upgrade the insulation

Another way to decrease the energy bills is to install garage door insulation or upgrade the existing one.

A layer of insulation prevents heat loss or transfer from the garage to the surroundings. This means in cold weather, you do not have to spend on heating your garage. Similarly, in a hot climate, the heat does not enter the garage and so you may not need air conditioning all the time. In both situations, garage insulation provides energy efficiency to the garage.

Single-layer doors have absolutely no insulation while double- and triple-layer ones do. Popular types of insulation include fiberglass batts, cellulose, and polystyrene or polyurethane insulation. The upfront costs depend on the type of insulation you use. But this is minimal when compared to the energy costs you save.

This kind of upgrade is actually useful as it saves you a lot of money spent on energy bills.

  • Change the flooring

You might not have noticed your garage floor till now but it is time you do. Change the flooring and watch your garage transform into a beautiful space. You can lay an epoxy layer for the flooring. This flooring is durable and long-lasting. It is easy to maintain as you can clean the dust and dirt easily. It is anti-slippery and safe.

  • Provide extra electrical power supply outlets or backup

If you are planning to use your garage as a workable space, you need to provide sufficient electrical power. Add extra electrical outlets after checking the consumption. Use energy-efficient lighting and devices to reduce the average cost of electric consumption. Provide a battery backup to provide power during a power outage.

  • Fit cabinets and shelves

To use your garage as an office space efficiently, you must install shelves and cabinets. Standard cabinets help you to store tools, gadgets, and sports equipment. Use the upper cabinets for storing items that are not in regular use. Overhead storage racks are for storing extra bedding, camping equipment, etc that use once in a while. By doing this, you need not have stuff lying scattered all around but keep them in a place where you can reach them.

Fitting these cabinets helps you organize your garage properly and enables maximum utilization of wall and floor space.

  • Change the entire garage door

This is the best upgrade you can give to your garage. Firstly, it will enhance the curb appeal of the home. Secondly, it will boost the sale price of your home too.

There are plenty of design options to enhance the visual appeal Choose the latest style of door or customize it with panels, overlays, or a coat of fresh paint.

Fit a garage door opener for an extra effect to automate your door. You can also add alarms, surveillance cameras, etc to enhance the security of the garage door system.

Fit a garage door opener for an extra effect to automate your door. You can also add alarms, surveillance cameras, etc to enhance the security of the garage door system. You can even automate your garage door to function using remote controls, smartphone apps, or even voice commands.

Garage remodeling projects are not as easy as bathroom remodels. These renovation projects can turn into pricey projects if not handled well. Every bit of horizontal and vertical space must be designed with care using durable materials and the best finishes. The finished garage must not just look stylish but be completely functional. Over and above all this, you need to factor in the average cost of the garage door upgrade.

Be it a future buyer or a current one trying to remodel the garage, using the above pointers will definitely help. But the best solution is to call Franklin’s garage door repair service experts for advice and assistance.

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