Benefits Of Closed Garage Doors In Winter

Winter is all about merriment, white snow, Christmas, Santa Claus, and all. Yet, it is also about cold weather, extreme temperatures, ice buildup, rising heating costs, higher utility bills, etc. This is probably the reason why all of us start gearing up early for the winter.

We can start by trying to maintain a comfortable temperature within our homes. To do this, we must maintain the garage temperature warm. Avoiding heat loss is the right way to conserve the temperature within.

There are many ways to avoid energy loss. You can install an energy-efficient garage door with proper insulation. You can install furnaces, heaters, or garage door insulation kits. Or easier still, you can just close your garage door.

This might sound really banal but our Brentwood garage door repair technicians explains the benefits of closed garage door in winter than you can really imagine.

7 Biggest benefits of closing your garage door in winter

Keeps the cold weather out

You have a fire roaring in the hearth or your heater is turned fully on. Of what use is either of these if your garage door is open? The cold draught of air from outside will definitely plummet your garage temperature to a freezing one.

Keeping the garage door closed is the best way to conserve the heat inside the living spaces. With the door closed, there is no transmission of heat outside the garage.

You can weatherproof your garage walls and garage floor or add a layer of insulation or a weather seal to your garage door. But, if you do not keep the door fully closed, the level of insulation is lost.

Preventing the heat flow outside the room by keeping the door closed is the best way to maintain a warm garage in winter.

Helps in effective insulation

Having an insulated garage door can really help in achieving energy efficiency by preventing conductive heat transfer. You can use polyurethane or polystyrene garage door insulation panels of thickness ranging from 0.5-4 inches.

Whatever type of insulation you use and however thick the insulation may be, effective insulation is lost if your door is not closed.

A closed garage door with the right type of insulation technology can help you combat even below-freezing garage temperatures. Gain energy savings by using an energy-efficient door.

Keeps the utility bills low

Imagine what your energy bills would be during winter during extremely cold temperatures! The bills would skyrocket if you wish to convert the frigid temperatures to moderate temperatures within your garage. On top of this, if you keep the garage door open, your utility bills will surely hit the roof! 

Do ensure that your garage door openers work perfectly and do not have the doors stop midway. Avoid escalation of utility bills by keeping your door closed during winter.

Keep out the dust and debris

An open garage door can let in the elements from outside. All the dust, dirt, debris, rotten leaves, etc will just fly in. This dust can clog the garage door tracks and jam the garage door.

Dust and debris become a severe problem during winter when there are blizzards and snow. The dirt can just stick to the garage floor due to the wetness of the floor.

Keeping the garage door closed can prevent all the dirt from polluting your garage.

Prevent moisture from seeping in

Winter is the time for bad weather with a cold climate and snow all around. Sleets of snow can just enter your garage and home in just one second if you leave the door open. If you let the moisture in, this can damage your garage door springs causing them to rust. This causes severe damage to the garage door. Letting the moisture can also spoil the stuff inside the garage.

Moisture protection is a must in winter for your garage doors and the easiest way to do this is to keep the door closed.

Ban the beavers and rodents

Winter time is when you try to keep your garage warm. This warm garage is inviting to all the night creatures, creepy crawlies, and rodents. All these tiny animals try to enter your garage if you do not keep your garage door closed.

Keep the garage door closed at all times in winter to prevent the entry of rodents and reptiles into your garage. Ban the uninsulated garages too!

Safety for your garage and home

Your garage can be the easiest entry point for thieves into your home, even during winter. If you consider garage door security as most crucial, try to keep the garage door closed.

By not closing the garage door, you are only inviting thieves and intruders into your home. Remember, a closed garage door is the first step towards protecting your home.

Installing a garage door with high thermal resistance and R-value, replacing the garage door weather stripping, etc are all wise steps you can take. But the first precautionary step to take during extreme weather is to keep the garage door closed.

Before winter sets in, call a professional Nashville garage door repair service technicians to check your doors and keep them closed at all times.

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