Benefits Of One Double Garage Doors

If you’re building or renovating a two-car garage, you must decide whether to install two single garage doors or one double garage door. This can be a difficult decision to make. However, most homeowners choose a double garage door and are pleased with their decision. In today’s article, we will discuss the advantages of having a double garage door.

A double garage door is essentially two doors in one, as opposed to two single garage doors. A standard double door measures approximately 16 feet by 7 feet, making it ideal for larger vehicles such as cars, boats, trailers, and so on. A double door is the size of two single doors but operates on one track.

The most significant benefit of having one double garage door is that your garage space is not divided in half. More space to move around is ideal for families with babies using child seats and those with elderly relatives. In the end, the type of garage door you choose is a matter of personal preference.

Choosing the single double garage door option will result in lower upfront costs. Durable garage door maintenance and repair costs will also be lower and occur less frequently. Let us look at three significant advantages of double garage doors as explained by our in-house garage door repair company professional in Franklin, TN

Double Garage Doors Provide More Space

The main benefit of double garages for homeowners is the increased versatility in garage use. People are using SUVs, trucks, and other large cars more and more frequently. These vehicles can be difficult to fit through a single-door garage. When using a double garage, you have the choice of parking your car in the center, giving you plenty of room to go on each side. This means you’ll have more room to load, clean, make repairs, and move around within your car. Additionally, if there is a new driver in the family, you won’t have to worry about them banging the garage door mirrors.

Additionally, the garage will allow you to parallel-park two vehicles. Moreover, you have flexibility in how you position them. If you have a larger car and a smaller one, for instance, you can always park the larger one such that it extends past the middle of the garage. Due to the space between them, operating two single garage doors is more difficult (which is typically at least two or three feet wide).

Double Garage Doors Are Cost Effective

Two single garage doors imply not only two doors, but also two garage door opener systems, which include two openers, two sets of tracks, two sets of photo eye sensors, and so on.

You must also consider the cost of maintenance and repairs. It is more expensive to maintain two garage door systems (and professional maintenance is essential to extend the lifespan of a garage door). Furthermore, having two garage door opener systems increases the likelihood of a breakdown.

Double Garage Doors Can Improve the Look of Your Garage

Homeowners are increasingly converting their garages into extra space such as a home gym, office, or guest bedroom. They frequently choose glass garage doors for their garage conversions because they provide the most natural lighting. If you choose this option, a double glass garage door is preferable to two single ones because it allows more light into the garage.

If glass garage doors aren’t your style or aren’t appropriate for your area, you can choose a garage door with a row of windows made of wood, steel, fiberglass, or vinyl. This brightens the interior of your garage while also providing the increased insulation provided by these other garage door materials.

Once the width of a garage exceeds around 18 feet, a single “double-wide” garage door can be employed, giving a property a completely distinct appearance. There are several more advantages to recommending a double-width garage door to a homeowner:

Less garage door maintenance is required for garage door openers and doors when there is only one door. You may make smart use of the inside space thanks to the double garage door size. Larger automobiles, boats, RVs, trailers, and other items may slide into and out of the garage with more ease. It gives extra room for loading, unloading, and working on automobiles by allowing cars to enter and park in the middle of the garage area. Designers have a larger “canvas” to work with when making inlays, cuts, etc. on a single “double-width” garage door.

Due to the ongoing maintenance costs associated with an outdated professional separate garage door, the maintenance can be rather costly with two separate doors. To replace your old garage doors with a low-maintenance model, pick a double garage door from a variety of garage door styles offered by Tip Top Garage doors.

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