Clopay vs Ideal Garage Doors

A new commercial garage door can be an excellent investment for your home. It will improve its curb appeal and add to the overall value of any property you own, whether it’s being built or upgraded!

Clopay and Ideal are two of the most popular types of garage door brands in the garage door industry. The quality you expect from these garage door companies is unmatched, with each offering stylish designs for a function that will last long past any other model on today’s market!

Clopay Garage Door Features

Tip Top Garage Doors is the best garage door agency to talk to if you are in search of a quality garage door that will perfectly complement your home’s exterior style. The company offers a wide range of garage door styles and colors, as well as configurations with nearly limitless possibilities so no matter what kind or type of house there may be inside it- they can make sure all aspects match up properly!

Here are some of the Clopay collections that, our garage door repair company in Nashville offers:

Classic: The three different options for residential garage doors make it easy to find one that’s just right for you. With all these design styles and energy-efficient features, your search has ended!

Gallery: The Gallery collection offers customization options to suit your unique style. You can choose from different window panes and door finishes, including Mocha Brown or Almond for the perfect color match with any décor! With so many possibilities at hand, it’s easy enough to decide on something that’ll look great no matter what type of home you’re building today.

Classic Wood: You can find the perfect design for your home with our Classic Wood collection. Choose from more than 30 different window treatments and four unique door designs, all in various kinds of wood like walnut or cherry!

Coachman: Four series of door designs and window options like multi-square panes and arches are just assistive features that make this collection unique. It also comes with hinges or handles to customize your new doors!

Canyon Ridge: The Canyon Ridge Limited collection offers commercial garage door brands made from clear cypress, mahogany, or Pecky. If you’re looking for something with more character then the Clopay’s ultra-grain finish is perfect!

Reserve: The Reserve collection is an elegant and timeless offering from Bayside furniture, characterized by detailed craftsmanship in light or dark stains.

Avante: This collection of furniture is sure to make your home feel like it’s in the modern era. With frame color options and garage door materials, you’ll be able to find something that fits both style preferences as well affordability concerns!

Ideal Garage Door Features

Homeowners of Brentwood can find the perfect garage door lines for their homes with Ideal’s wide variety of options. Whether you’re looking to create an industrial or urban aesthetic, there is a collection that will work perfectly in your space!

Traditional Steel: Classic beauty is what you get with a variety of design features combined with optional energy-efficient upgrades for increasing thermal insulation like the Intellicore layer. For those wanting more light, there are modern garage door windows to allow natural light into the garage.

Designer Steel: The modern steel commercial doors in this collection are a perfect balance between sleek and stylish with their decorative hardware that provides just enough elegance to complement any home’s style. The doors in this collection offer a versatile design with various construction options to improve the curb appeal of your home. Now you can have lots of options for your next project! Choose from either long or short-panel designs, as well as colors that are perfect depending on what you need.

Premium Handcrafted: The compatible garage door is an essential part of your home’s design, and should be designed to complement the variety of styles you want for it. The best doors come with features like decorative hardware or buck panels that give them a more old-world charm appearance; these will make sure this important element not only looks but also feels and fits seamlessly into its surroundings!


The appearance of their new garage door and their budget are frequently taken into consideration by customers when selecting a garage door. With a wide range of options to choose from, Clopay is committed to providing high-quality products and services. Clopay garage doors cost between $300 and $5,000. Ideal garage doors aim to transform the appearance of homes with doors that cost as little as $200.

The durability of an aluminum or steel garage door makes them a great investment for your home. These doors are built to withstand harsh weather and sun without requiring much maintenance over time, which means they can last up to several decades with proper care! Depending on how exposed your home is, a natural wood garage door may occasionally need additional maintenance over the course of its lifetime.

Our same-day, 24-hour emergency repair service for the Brentwood area is also available. Our Nashville garage door repair service technicians from Tip Top Garage Doors Nashville are ready to give your home the upgrade you’re looking for with the help of the best garage door manufacturers.

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