Common Questions When Buying a Garage Door

Every buyer who wishes to purchase a garage door has numerous questions to ask. Professional dealers have to face a barrage of questions about brands of garage doors, garage door models, opener models, etc. Garage door specialists face questions about garage doors like the safety features, energy efficiency, thermal resistance, etc. Garage door dealers are often quizzed about professional installation, garage door services, customer service, decorative options, etc. 

To sum up, every customer makes his or her purchase decision only after thorough questioning. It is wise to know what these questions are to gain knowledge about garage doors. 

Common questions frequently asked about garage doors

What is right for a garage door?- wood or steel?

Customers are often confused about the type of garage door they should buy. Should they opt for steel garage doors or wood garage doors?  Or is aluminum better?

Every material has its pros and cons. Metal garage doors are strong and last longer but they might rust. Wooden doors have a great curb appeal but might warp soon. 

Choose the right type of garage door depending on your location, the weather,  your usage, etc. 

Should I go for an insulated garage door or a non-insulated garage door?

Garage door insulation is a must for almost all garage doors and especially those exposed to bad weather. Un-insulated garage doors will have no thermal resistance in cold weather and this will only hike up your annual energy bills. 

The extent of your garage door insulation depends on whether your garage is attached to your home or detached from it. It also depends on whether you use your garage as a storage space or only for parking.

Polystyrene or Polyurethane for garage door insulation?

Compare 2 doors of the same thickness but with different insulating materials like polystyrene or Polyurethane foam. You will find that polyurethane works better. The thickness of the polyurethane insulation will determine the thermal efficiency or R-value of your door.

How long will my garage door last?

This is the first question in a garage door purchase. Every customer is worried about the lifespan of the door he buys.  A good-quality garage door can last up to 20 years. To last this long, your door should be of 45 mm thickness with polyurethane foam insulation and painted with one topcoat and 2 primers.

Should I buy a single door or double door for my garage?

Instead of getting 1 single-car garage door, it is wise to 2 single doors. Even if the garage door opener gets stuck, you can still take the car out by opening one door.  Moreover, 2 doors give a balanced look to your garage.

Should I use torsion springs or extension springs for my garage door?

This depends on the amount of overhead space you have above the garage door. If your garage door has 30 mm headroom space, it can accommodate a torsion bar above it. This means you can use standard torsion springs. Extension springs have 2 spring coils above the garage door tracks. 

How much headroom space do I need above the garage door?

The ideal headroom space would be 14 inches for your garage door. This would mean an overhead space of 12 inches along with an extra 2 inches for the automatic opener. If the headroom space is only 6 inches,  you must use a double-track system.

Should I go in for an automatic garage door?

Almost all modern garage doors are automatic and come with an electric door opener. This opener has safety sensors that reduce the risk of garage accidents. The opener may be a belt drive or chain drive opener. The belt drive opener is the quieter option among these types.

What would be the average cost of a garage door?

A top-quality steel garage door with polyurethane insulation might cost you $1000. A wooden door of the same size and specifications will cost anywhere between $800 to $1000.

Professional garage technicians are always ready to answer any number of questions about garage doors. A garage door repair company in Nashville that can answer all these questions will be the right choice for your garage door maintenance and service.

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