The Different Parts of a Garage Door

The garage door is the main part of a garage and the most used too. In a day, a person opens and shuts the garage 3-4 times at least. It is also the main entrance and exit for your vehicle. Apart from this, the door protects the vehicle from weather, vandals, wear and tear, and theft. So, it is the garage door that is the main functional part of a garage.

If you want your garage door to last long, you must maintain it well. To do this, first get to know what the different parts of your garage door are. This will help you maintain each part of the garage door carefully. Allow our garage door professional to walk you through the different parts.

What are the parts of a garage door?

The garage door may be single or it may consist of double or multiple panels. Single garage doors are of size 7’ x 8’ while double doors are of size 7’ x 16’. The door can be with windows or without windows. It may have smooth, raised, or recessed panels. It may be made of steel, wood, vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum.

Whatever the type of garage door, it has the following parts.

  • Garage door opener

In the early days, the garage door was locked using padlocks and bolts. Nowadays, it comes with an automated door opener. The garage door open is a motorized device used to open and close the garage doors. It operates on electricity with the help of switches or a keypad fitted on the garage wall. Garage door openers may use a chain, belt, or screw drives, or a jackshaft.

The electric garage door opener has a motor attached to a track. The garage door has an arm attached to it. This arm has a trolley connected to it. When you open or close the garage door, the arm moves. A chain, belt, or screw moves the trolley on the track by turning when the motor runs.

Nowadays, the garage door opener is wireless and remote-operated. They use a transmitter and receiver along with sensors. The latest in this type is the fingerprint-based garage door opener.

  • Springs

The garage door has metal coils called springs to raise or lift it up and down. There are 2 types of springs-torsion and extension springs. The torsion springs sit on top of the garage door. They carry the weight of the door due to their twisted nature. The extension springs are on either side at the top portion of the track. These springs operate by being stretched. Torsion springs last longer than extension springs and the latter are almost extinct now. If any spring breaks, do not handle them on your own. Call a garage door expert at once.

  • Tube shaft

You need a tube shaft only if your garage door has torsion springs. This haft is above the door and holds the torsion springs in their palace. It helps to transfer the torsion power from the sp[ring to the drum and raise the door. For extension springs, you do not need a tube shaft.

  • Drums

The drums sit on either side of the torsion bar. As the door moves up and down, they spin, spooling out cables or rolling them. They maintain the balance of the garage door by keeping the cables taut. 

  • Cables

Cables are used to lift the garage door. They run vertically on either side of the door. Each cable connects to the drum at the top and the door at the bottom. The cable transfers the force from the spring to lift the garage door.

  • Track

The track keeps the garage door moving in the right direction. The track has rollers inside. It aligns the door as it moves up or down. The track is of steel and can be at different heights depending on the headroom.

  • Rollers

The rollers in the track help the door slide smoothly when being opened or closed. If the rollers are faulty, the door makes a lot of noise. Rollers can be made of steel or nylon.

  • Bottom seal

The bottom seal is a piece of rubber that seals the entire door panel from outside weather, pests, etc. A metal or plastic retainer holds this bottom seal in place.

  • IR sensors

These sensors detect the presence of any obstacle in the path of the door and are used for safety. You can find them in all garage doors since 1992.

The garage door is made of minute parts that need both care and attention. Always call a garage door specialist in Nashville such as Tip Top Garage Doors Nashville to install, repair, or replace our garage door parts.

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