How To Extend the Lifespan Of Your Garage Door

Garage doors are opened manually and use an electric motor three to four times every day. Because of their continuous operation, they are prone to wear and tear. These garage doors are often neglected until some problem occurs in their operation. Less maintained garage doors bring up big repair costs. This in turn reduces the lifespan of your garage door. Simple maintenance can help you reduce the repairs and extend the lifespan of the doors.

Our Nashville garage door repair company technicians will now provide some excellent tips for increasing the lifespan of your garage and garage doors.

Understanding Garage door operation:

Are you aware of the mechanism of garage door operation or its technical details? Though it is practically impossible to have complete knowledge regarding the machines we use in our everyday lives, a little knowledge will be helpful.

A garage door is a large, heavy, and expensive piece of machinery that requires constant maintenance. A typical residential or commercial garage door opens up to eight times per day on average; in contrast, the average person might open their front door only once every two weeks! This frequent use leads to wear and tear for the components such as springs, cables, hinges, and tracks.

This wear and tear can lead to the malfunction of the door, which is expensive to repair as it causes service calls when you least need them. A garage door should be opened with care to avoid excessive stress on its components that would lead to a shorter lifespan for your garage doors.

How long does a garage door last?

Garage door life is dependent on the quality of the door, maintenance, and climate. The average lifespan of a garage door is around 15- 30 years. Under minimal maintenance, its lifespan is around 12-15 years only.

Insulate your garage door

Insulated garage doors prevent heat from escaping and air from coming in. This helps to keep the garage area cool during hot summer months, as well as warm during winter nights. This type of door also reduces sound emissions from your home or office while maintaining a level of privacy for those who need it most!

Insulated garage doors are surprisingly affordable. You may be surprised at how much money this investment will save in both the short term and long run!

Insulation added to your door can make it more comfortable and put less strain on your system’s efficiency.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips:

This is a list of simple maintenance actions that can be done to maintain the lifespan of your garage door:

 Regularly test and lubricate all hinges/rollers, springs, pulleys, cables, and braces.

  • Check for any bent or broken parts
  • Replace worn-out hardware such as screws with stainless steel ones
  • Apply silicone-based grease on moving parts to reduce wear and tear of the door.

Many people neglect their garage doors and end up regretting it. They spend a lot on repairs. It is better not to wait until your garage door breaks down, so you can avoid any further problems in the future. Maintenance saves energy as well: if properly maintained, less power is needed for opening your garages, and thus less electricity is consumed.

It is easier to maintain your garage door than to repair it when there are problems. Therefore, the maintenance of a garage door should be an important part to extend its lifespan and save you from future repairs. Contact a professional garage door company such as Tip Top Garage Doors for maintenance. We offer garage door repair services in Nashville and surrounding areas.


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