Faded Garage Door Finish – What Causes It? And Refinishing Tips

The garage door is the first thing people see when they come into your home. It should be well-maintained and cared for to increase the curb appeal so you can keep it looking its best! The sun has many harmful effects on garage materials, including fading original colors caused by UV rays; this could contribute to damage or degradation over time if not protected properly with an annual layer of paint.

The modern garage door is one of the most critical parts of your home. It keeps you safe from both weather damage and fire, while also providing shelter for valuable items like cars! But what happens when it’s not maintained? The paint on top may crack due to damage caused by intense sunlight or extreme temperatures- whichever comes first in this scenario.

Not only does their protective coating wear away over time but certain materials used within our doors themselves can start to degrade too – especially if they were damaged before being applied with an appropriate protective layer at the factory level.

In this blog post, our Nashville garage door repair company technicians show you what causes fading and some tips on how to refinish and maintain your garage door so it looks good as new.

Impact Of Sunlight On Garage Door

When your quality garage door is constantly exposed to the sun, it can cause the color to fade and degrade over time. The materials will expand or contract resulting in cracks that spread like fire across its surface! If you have southward-facing or west-facing doors then these are most likely going to be targeted by strong sunlight.

The color of your metal garage door is one choice that can make or break the curb appeal of your home. When selecting a new fabric, keep in mind how much sun exposure it will receive and choose an appropriate shade accordingly. The dark colors may fade quickly under strong light sources like hot summer days which causes them to look old before their time. While lighter shades might not heat up as much causing split ends on the wood garage door materials due to higher temperatures.

Other Impacts On Garage

Winds can do a lot of damage to your professional garage door, especially if it is not well enough protected. The strong winds will drive dirt and debris into the finish on the entire surface making scratches that are much more difficult than before due to their deep nature as well as allowing water under for increased wear rates; this affects all types including metal ones!

With the passage of time and exposure to environmental factors, even a high-quality garage door will naturally wear down. Harsh weather conditions can accelerate this natural process; for example, salt from coastal areas is extremely corrosive to both paint and stain on your vehicle’s exterior surfaces!

Inspecting Your Garage Door’s Finish

There are no single garage doors that are completely maintenance-free. Your garage’s original finish will surely wear away from exposure to the damaging effects of sunlight or other weather conditions. Painted doors may experience color fading while the clear protective top coat of paint on stained and faux paint-stained surfaces can become thinning affecting their visibility at night when they are closed up tight against unwanted intruders!

Yearly garage door maintenance on a regular basis is all you need to make sure it’s in good condition. If the finish starts fading or getting damaged, then now would be an excellent time for refinishing because that will bring more life into any of those natural wood garage door panels! Follow these steps:

  • Keep an eye out for blistering, peeling, cracking, or fading.
  • Make sure the door is in good condition by checking for dings, scratches, or gouges.
  • Test the door’s dryness and look for any areas where the finish is missing by touching it.

Faded Garage Door Refinishing

Visually inspect your garage door for any signs of damage and take these easy steps to correct the problem before it gets worse!

Painted Garage Doors:

  • Touch up any small dings and dents before they grow into a more serious problem.
  • To make your door shine like new, apply a fresh coat of Turtle Wax.
  • You might want to consider sanding down and repainting your door using high-quality latex paint after noticing any significant peeling.

Stained Garage Doors:

  • For small areas of dings and scratches, lightly sand the area to get rid of any residue before applying a touch-up stain that will blend in with your car’s color.
  • Apply a  maintenance coat over the entire door.

The reapplication of a new stain finish and top coat will be necessary if you have neglected your regular maintenance routine or identified large areas that need attention.

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