How to Ensure Your Garage Works Properly

The lifespan of a garage system varies based on its type, materials, power source, and whether it has automatic or semi-automatic doors, among other things. A wooden garage door can stands for decades if maintained properly. Unfortunately, wooden garage doors bend over time and get warped. Proper regular cleaning of the door and removing dirt, grime, and moisture are important. You also need to perform a monthly inspection to check for termites and chips or cracks on the door. Chips and cracks are the common problems that occur when a door ages.

6 Garage Maintenance Tips

To ensure your garage system works smoothly and efficiently for many years to come, here are some simple maintenance tips from a reliable Nashville garage door repair company.

1. Lubricate the Moving Parts

Lubricating the garage door prevents noise and improves its operation. Lubrication can work wonders for squeaky and creaky doors. Spray lubricants are the best choice for greasing the chain and drive screw. You have to lubricate the rollers, door hinges, and tracks to reduce friction and eliminate squeakiness. Once lubricated, try opening and closing the door. If it is still shaky, you need more lube.

2. Review Hardware Rigidity

Garage doors moves up and down several times a day. It is mandatory to review the rigidity and hardness of the hardware. You need to tighten the roller bolts and brackets regularly to make sure they don’t come loose. Inspect the garage door springs and cables for excessive wear and tear. If you find broken or missing parts, be sure to repair, remove, or replace them.

3. Test Door Balance

Your garage door needs to be perfectly balanced. The openers must operate smoothly and the door must gently open and close. If your opener works hard and struggles to open or close the door, then the door is not properly balanced. Imbalanced doors won’t last long and could come crashing down on you or your car. Test the balance of the door and ensure your safety.

4. Check the Auto-Reverse Feature

Garages have an auto-reverse feature to prevent injury. Check this feature on occasion to ensure it works. It is a simple test that can be done by anyone. The door’s reverse functions have sensors or photoelectric lights to detect the presence of any object underneath the door. Place a wooden block underneath the door and try closing your garage door. Ideally, the door should stop and reverse automatically. If you observe a delayed response or failure to auto-reverse, the door is malfunctioning.

5. Inspect the Parts

Garage systems are made up of many parts, and each one requires individual attention. Rollers made of nylon or steel need regular inspection twice a year. Doors, rollers, hinges, and cables break over time. For a damage-free garage, inspect every aspect of the door once a year. Replace the non-working parts to increase your system’s lifespan.

6. Weather Stripping, Insulation, and Caulk

Garage doors are insulated with rubber strips at the bottom of the door to prevent them from damage and weather stripping. It protects the garage from weather damage due to snow, rain, or heat. Insulation also ensures the safety of the materials inside the garage. Maintaining the weatherstrip will avoid intense damages to the garage door. Clean the weatherstrip with a wet damp cloth once in two months and polish them with lubricant oil to assure their effectiveness and increase their life span.

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Tom Avraham

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