How To Prevent Bugs From Entering Your Garage

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, bugs will often seek refuge in a garage when it’s convenient. Warmer weather might mean the presence of some moisture buildup, while colder weather might simply be an attempt to beat more frigid temperatures. The bottom line is that keeping them out regularly is the best course of action to take in these circumstances.

In some instances, such invasions may point toward a need for garage door repair. Other factors may be connected to simple housekeeping issues, with both aspects eventually leading to a decision that takes a proactive approach when it comes to sealing the door properly. That could mean an enhancement of that door through the installation of a garage door threshold seal.

Tips To Keep Bugs Out Of Garage

Common garage bugs can be a nuisance. Not only are they annoying, but they can also carry diseases and damage stored items. Fortunately, our garage door repair company team in Nashville explains some simple steps you can take to help prevent bugs from entering your garage.

Seal All Food

Have you ever considered keeping your food source in the garage? It may seem strange, but sometimes it’s the only option when kitchen cabinets are filled to the brim. While the chilly winter weather is great for keeping cold items fresh, non-perishables are the most popular garage inhabitants. And let’s not forget about our furry friends – pet food is a great addition to these unconventional pantry spaces.

Bugs in the garage don’t discriminate regarding food – whether it’s a delicious meal or moldy leftovers, they’ll happily chow down. Unfortunately for homeowners, leaving even a crumb behind can attract these pesky types of pests into their homes, leading to a breeding ground for hungry bugs. The solution? Seal all food supplies in airtight containers to prevent any unwanted visitors and put a stop to their multiplying. Remember: a bite for them can lead to an infestation for you!

Keep the Surroundings Dry

Don’t let your garage become a swimming pool! Although many of us remember to close the garage doors during rainy days, we often forget to remove stagnant water from common household items such as containers, garbage can lids and planters. Let’s make sure to keep our garages dry and prevent any unwanted water damage.

Warm weather can bring lots of unwanted guests, including pesky mosquitoes. Sadly, they seem drawn to people who don’t keep an eye on damp, soggy areas or fail to address standing water. Even garages that house water heaters can attract these bloodsucking insects. Though it might be a pain, staying on top of these issues will ensure you can relax without fear of any garage pest infestations.

Have Defensive Options in Place

Prevention is always better than a cure, especially when it comes to dealing with unwanted pests. A little effort in keeping them at bay can save you from the hassle of having to call in the experts to deal with them later. This can be as simple as placing manual traps, or mouse traps, around the perimeter of your home and giving your baseboards a quick spray with insecticide. It’s a small investment that can pay off big time in the long run.

Check the Walls

Bugs are notorious for their sneaky ways to infiltrate a garage. Even if the door is shut tight, they will stop at nothing to wiggle their way inside. Their latest trick involves finding any little crevice, no matter how tiny, in the garage walls to take advantage of. Once one burglar bug gains entry, it tells all of its buddies who come marching in, causing homeowners to pull out their hair in frustration.

By exploring these areas, it’s possible to uncover both potential issues and ones that are on the verge of becoming problems. The solution to these issues is as easy as breaking out a trusty caulking gun and filling in any areas that fit this description. It might seem like a small expense to purchase a tube of caulk, but it’s a much better alternative than having to deal with a full-blown infestation that requires an exterminator.

Seal Things Up

Are you one of those meticulous homeowners who do everything to keep their garage clean and organized, from sweeping the floors to decluttering every corner? But have you thought about the tiny gap at the bottom of the garage door that could let water and bugs sneak in? Without a garage door threshold seal, all your hard work could be instantly undone. So, take action now to safeguard your garage and keep it in top-notch shape!

Garage Installation in Nashville

This magical seal not only shields your door from harsh weather and unwanted guests, but it also frees up your time to indulge in the pleasures of life. Although it’s available in stores, don’t be fooled into thinking that applying it to your door is a piece of cake. Invest in a professional company with expertise like our Nashville garage door repair service provider to ensure your money isn’t wasted on a faulty installation.

The good news is that when you need your threshold seal replaced or installed or need any other sort of garage door repair or installation, the place to contact is Tip Top Garage Doors Nashville. We’ve been offering professional service at a competitive price. So when the time arrives that you need our assistance, contact our garage door repair specialists at (615) 696-7300.

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