How To Protect Your Garage From Flooding?

The garage door is usually the first thing to go through during a hurricane. Garage doors are frequently opened and closed, which causes the weather stripping to wear out. In a hurricane, an old or weakened garage door material can be dangerous. If it deviates from the path, it creates a void in your home. This can weaken and possibly collapse other areas. To protect your home from flooding and other storm-related structural damage, make sure your garage door is sturdy and in good condition.

Flooding can be disastrous if you keep anything in your garage, whether it’s your car, tools, or general storage items. If your attached or detached garage door is not properly sealed or maintained, it is all too easy for water to enter your garage and destroy your prized possessions.

Fortunately, there are several precautions you can take to keep your garage from flooding. It’s always a good idea to be prepared in Hendersonville & its surrounding areas where tropical storms and hurricanes are common. Here are some of the most effective preventative measures you can employ.

Solutions for Garage Flooding

1. Repair any leaks or cracks

Examine the walls, roof, and floor of your garage for any cracks that could allow water to enter. Although this may appear to be a time-consuming process, it is usually a simple matter to seal those cracks.

Fill in any ceiling cracks as well, because stormwater on the roof can cause serious leaks. Repairing cracks in the walls, floor, and ceiling with a few tools and a little time can help keep water out. Contact a reputable garage door repair technician in Hendersonville to assist you in floodproofing your garage for larger repairs and structural water damage. It will save you money and time in the long run.

2. Inspect Your Garage Door

After you’ve ensured that your garage has tight seals, it’s time to inspect your garage door. If there are any gaps or holes, or if the rubber strips have worn away, have them repaired as soon as possible. Because your garage door is your first line of defense against incoming water, it must be kept secure.

3. Replace Your Garage Door

Little garage door flood barriers can be expected if your garage door is old and worn out, with rotting wood or dented steel. That means it’s time to replace it before the next major storm.

While there are no completely flood-proof garage doors, we recommend installing one of our hurricane-rated garage doors for the best protection against hurricanes and flooding. These doors are specially designed to withstand the elements, especially the heavy rain and wind that accompany severe storms or hurricanes.

4. Make Sure You Have Proper Drainage

If the gutters and drains on your street overflow, the excess water may come directly to your house. Installing a French drain in front of your garage may provide additional protection by preventing excess water from reaching your garage door.

If you do install a French drain system, make sure the water drains to a safe location rather than a neighbor’s yard or a public sidewalk.

5. Store Items Strategically

If you keep things in your garage, keep the items most vulnerable to signs of damage as far back as possible. Assuming you have properly sealed any leaks at the back of your garage, this should provide some additional protection.

6. Consider Your Landscaping

You can add curb appeal to your home by surrounding it with porous and absorbent materials. Choosing a landscape design for high-water areas that uses the right plants and mulch can help drain water into the ground and prevent the spread of polluted water.

What Should You Do If Your Garage Floods?

You’ll want to keep moisture out of your garage and home. To circulate air, open doors, and windows. To help reduce humidity and dry out wet areas, use a dehumidifier, fans, and window air conditioners. To dry the garage floors and walls, use towels. Use a desiccant or a substance that absorbs flood water from the garage if necessary.

Excess moisture in the garage can warp wood and make it difficult to open and close doors and windows. Make it a goal to reduce humidity in your garage living space in any way you can for a safe and secure structure.

If you’re concerned that your garage door won’t withstand the elements, Tip Top Garage Doors Hendersonville provides free garage door inspections to ensure that your garage doesn’t flood. If it isn’t, we’ll go over any recommended repair or replacement options with you.

And if it’s time for a new door, we have a wide range of garage door options available in our garage door company, including hurricane-rated garage doors to protect your garage and belongings from the elements. When it comes to a professional garage door, you can do wonders provided you have an experienced garage door repair professional in Nashville by your side.

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