How To Select The Right Garage Door For Your House?

The perfect garage door is one of the most important parts of your home. It allows you to enter and exit easily, while also keeping pesky outside elements at bay like rain or snow! In addition to enhancing the exterior design of your home, your residential garage door should also give you security and protection. Given this, it’s crucial to pick a door that complements the design of your house while also being made of strong materials that can withstand damaging weather and strong forces.

Tip Top Garage Doors Nashville is a leading provider of commercial garage doors & residential garage doors to Hendersonville residents. Garage door repair company experts in Nashville provide these simple tips to help you in choosing the right & classic garage door for your home.

Considerations On The Right Garage Door

Consider your home’s architectural style in choosing the type of door

There are a wide variety of garage door types. The four most popular residential garage door styles—sliding, roll-up, swing-up, and swing-out—increase curb appeal. Sliding and swing-out, as well as swing-up, are simple to use and provide aesthetic appeal. Roll-up, on the other hand, is a popular garage door design because it is more durable and secure due to its lock system. Sectional roll-up and rolling steel garage doors are the two most common types of roll-up. Sectional roll-up doors are made of lighter materials like wood, whereas rolling steel doors are made of metal or steel.

Pick the right material

Wood, aluminum, and steel are common garage door materials. Wood garage doors are easily customizable, but they may need to be repainted or refinished on a regular basis. Steel garage doors, which are suitable for roll-up garage doors, are a durable and low-maintenance material. Aluminum doors, on the other hand, have a rugged appearance, is lightweight, and is rust-proof. It is an excellent choice for an extra-wide double door that does not require a lot of pressure on its operating mechanism.

Take the exact measurements

You have the option of buying a custom garage door or having one specially made to meet your specific needs. It’s crucial to measure the top of your smart garage door opening and your ceiling, in particular the overhead framing, if you prefer a roll-up door.

Select hardware that offers aesthetic value and durability

The hardware you choose for your door completes the overall design of your perfect garage door and makes it simple to operate. Brass, steel, nickel, pewter, and other materials are available for you to select from. Your option should be able to support or balance the weight of your door, making it simple to lift and lower.

Choose the right insulation

A smart garage door that is affixed to your house requires a lot of insulation. If not, cold air may enter your house, increasing your need for energy. An insulated garage also serves as a soundproofing measure against street noise. You may choose from a variety of materials: batt insulation, foam board insulation, and reflective garage door insulation. Batt insulation is typically made of fiberglass and placed into the entire exterior finish.

Commonly, it is supported by foil or paper acting as a barrier against vapor. Foam board insulation has firm panels made from polystyrene, which despite its lack of thickness, delivers sufficient insulation. On the other hand, reflective insulation reflects radiant heat, making it a fitting and popular choice for garage doors that may easily heat up in hot climates.

Choosing the right material, type of garage door, automatic garage door custom design, and hardware; taking the right measurements, and selecting the right insulation are all important for a modern garage door that delivers improved curb appeal, protection, security, energy efficiency, and added home value.

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