Nine Things Every Garage Needs

Keep your garage organized and functional with the essential items needed to keep everything running smoothly. gardening tools, storage bins, and a workbench – all can help declutter while providing an easy access point for those must-haves that you never know when you’ll need them! Here at Tip Top Garage Doors Nashville, we believe that in order to get the most out of your garage, you should have a garage door that functions properly.

You must be able to easily remove items from your garage if you intend to keep them there. Call our Nashville garage door repair company specialists to set up an appointment if you’re unable to use your garage because your home requires garage door repairs. Make sure you have the nine items listed below in your garage once your garage door is functional.

Nine Garage Essentials

A Workbench

With a workbench in your garage, the possibilities are endless! From constructing furniture to getting creative with woodworking projects – having an organized and comfortable workspace can help you reach new heights of DIY success.

A Toolbox

Upgrade your home tool storage by investing in a proper toolbox! You’ll now be able to keep all of your measuring tape, screwdrivers, and hammers neatly organized with easy access whenever you need them.


Create an organized and practical garage with shelves for all your storage needs. Get more floor space without compromising on convenience by finding the perfect shelving solution to store items of all shapes, sizes, and purposes!

Storage Tubs

If you’re looking to get organized in your garage, try storing items in clear plastic storage tubs and labeling them. This is a great way of visually identifying each item quickly so that when you need something fast, it’s easy to find!

Storage Locker

Looking for the perfect solution for storing items that don’t quite fit in bins? A locker is an ideal way to provide cover, and designated storage space so you can easily access all of your items.

Recycling Bin

Cut down the clutter in the kitchen by introducing a recycling bin near your garage door. Keep your home organized and maximize space efficiency! You can reach out Nashville garage door service team to help you organize your detached garage.

A Vise

Don’t be left out of the loop – explore how a vise can benefit your workbench! This handy tool ensures that whatever objects you’re working on stay secure and stable, enabling smooth crafting performance.

Extension Cord

Don’t let extension cords clutter your home – keep them in the garage on their own hooks. It’s a great way to stay organized and make sure you have access when needed!


Speaking of hooks, they are useful for a variety of purposes. To save habitable space on the garage floor, attach simple nails or more elaborate hooks to the wall. You can hang shovels, extension cords, brooms, and so much more from hooks.

We’ve really only begun to skim the surface of essential items to keep in your garage, but we know you probably won’t use your garage as much as you could if your garage door isn’t working.

Call the garage door repair professionals in Nashville at (615) 696-7300 for any garage door services. 

Tom Avraham

Tom Avraham, the founder and CEO of Tip Top Garage Doors-North Carolina, is a respected figure in the garage door industry, known for his expertise and unwavering commitment to quality service. Originating from North Carolina, Tom’s background in Mechanical Engineering has equipped him with the skills needed to excel in garage door mechanics. With over two decades of hands-on experience, Tom has earned a reputation as a trusted authority in garage door repair and maintenance services, garnering the trust and admiration of clients across the state. His dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction has been pivotal in establishing Tip Top Garage Doors in Nashville and Franklin-North Carolina as a premier choice for all garage door needs in the region. Tom’s passion for innovation and his commitment to providing efficient solutions continue to drive the company’s success, solidifying Tip Top Garage Doors Nashville-North Carolina as a trusted name in the industry.