Prevent Home Invasions With Simple Garage Door Security Tips

To protect your home and vehicle, it’s crucial to invest in a new smart garage door. The average homeowner only puts 9% towards their security when it comes to this opening, but that still makes up 225 thousand break-ins each year – one which could be yours! That is why Franklin garage door repair company professionals have offered overhead garage door security tips to ensure you feel safe and more secure over an extended period of time.

Outside Your Garage Door

Four different types of security devices can be used to protect your garage door and its opening mechanism. They include garage door openers, lights, cameras, and home alarms. Let’s discuss in detail about them.

Garage Door Openers

One of the best ways to keep your garage door from opening by accident is with a garage door remote-controlled or key code opener. Your garage door can be manually opened and closed, so a potential intruder can do the same.

Here are some recommendations for using your garage opener.

  • Regularly change your garage door opener code.
  • Turn off the power.


The best way to keep potential burglars out is with motion sensors and outside lighting. Motion sensor garage lights will turn on as soon as they detect movement in the area, while automatic ones make it harder for them to hide and get caught by surprise–especially if you’re already aware of an intrusion!


Installing a security camera near your automatic garage door not only can help deter crime by 50% but even having signs in the yard could discourage a potential burglar. Like with lights, these cameras are beneficial both inside and outside of one’s own personal gates!

Home Alarm

What’s better than a loud, sudden noise to alert you and possibly your neighbors if someone is trying to break into your home? The best way of preventing this from happening requires very little effort on behalf of money. Set up an alarm system with some good old-fashioned batteries!

If you need to keep an eye on your modern garage, there are a wide variety of security devices that will suit any surveillance needs.

Secured Garage Door

You can protect your smart garage with these additional security devices if you want to be really thorough.

  • Think Like a Burglar. Take some time to inspect your garage and the surrounding area to see what access points would be easy to break into. This will help you indicate where you need to add some garage security devices.
  • Use a Timer. If you often forget to close your garage door in the hustle and bustle of hectic mornings, you can install a timer that ensures your door closes at a predetermined time each day.
  • Lock Your Doors. Make sure all exterior doors and windows are locked as well as any access points between your secure garage and the rest of your home. This is important because if an intruder would get into your garage, locked doors will restrict access to the rest of your home.
  • Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Open. Be conscious of when your garage door is open and unaccompanied. Even in broad daylight, this could help someone see disadvantage points in your security and plan their attack.
  • Keep Tools in a Secure Area. Things like ladders, hammers, and hedge cutters can become useful resources to an intruder. Tools that can easily break windows and locks should be kept secure either in your garage or an outside shed with a lock.
  • Install a Shield. All these garage door security tips are made to create roadblocks in an invasion plan. Installing a simple shield that blocks your door’s emergency release cord, could deter an intruder from following through with their plan.
  • Use Specialty Windows. Garage door windows can be a beautiful addition to your garage door, but they also allow people walking by to look into your garage. They may be able to spot valuable items and start planning on an intrusion. A way to keep a beautiful look and be more secure is through specialty garage windows that obscure the interior of your garage.

When the garage door is the point of access in a home invasion, it’s a very swift process. In under ten seconds, would-be intruders can wedge a gap at the top of your garage door, between the weather sealing and door, and then use a long wire or a hanger to reach your door’s emergency release lever.

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