Pros And Cons Of Side Entry Garage Door

The professional garage has changed a lot over the last 100 years from a place to store vehicles and was treated as just an extension of a wealthy person’s mansions, farms, or country estates. It has evolved into something more than just temporary garage space; it became integrated with dwelling design by becoming detached garages or attached garages at their sides (on-site) or built separately with different garage door styles.

We all know that an average garage can be one of the most valuable and important parts of your home. But did you also realize how many different garage door types there are? The side-entry garage door is one of the most popular types of garage doors among homebuyers today. It offers an aesthetic that’s both modern and traditional, with its sleek lines visible from either outside or inside your house as well!

The future of custom garage door installation is now in your hands. A recent poll has revealed that potential home buyers prefer a side entry over accessing from the front, which will save you time and money! The main reason? Enhanced aesthetic appeal! The way that you design your professional garage will determine how much curb appeal yours has among other homes on either side or behind as well!

The side-entry garage door type has been becoming increasingly popular in recent years because its benefits outweigh any challenges and it might just fit what’s on your list too. Let’s look into the benefits of side entry garage doors explained by our Nashville garage door repair company experts.

Benefits of Side-Entry Garages

The overhead garage has been a part of architecture and design for centuries. In recent times, more architects came up with ways to integrate it into your home’s overall look – such as side entry garages. There were many benefits that made this type of garage door appealing over other types

1. Enhanced curb appeal – With a landscape that beautifully integrates softscape and hardscapes, the home’s features are showcased to their full potential with no entire garage blocking.

2. Courtyard entry to the home becomes possible.

3. The side entry garage door not only provides shelter to your car but also helps you show off the front of your house. This is because it creates a clean and uncluttered exterior for any vehicle that dines within its spacious interior!

4. If you have a narrow lot or want to maximize the available extra space in your garage, then going with an overhead garage is more appropriate. Because the regular garage is located on one side of your home, it won’t affect how aesthetically pleasing your outdoor space looks.

5. Homeowners will be able to increase the value of their homes by adding side entry automatic garage doors. This feature allows them to make it look larger and longer, which in turn increases property loneliness!

6. The side-hinged garage door is a great option for homes that want more privacy because it faces away from your home’s front entry.

Challenges of Side-Entry Garages

Side entry garage door systems also have some challenges, says Hendersonville garage door repair experts.

1. Lot considerations and expenses – Side-entry garages are more expensive and require larger plots of land because they have a driveway that leads into the garage from an entry on one side, rather than being positioned in front like most other types. (Garage door professionals may recommend installing at least 30 feet between yourself and any edge along the pavement – but ideally, they’d want more than 35″).

Installing a driveway is not free. It’s going to cost you some money, but the front-loading garage only needs half as much space and can be placed anywhere in your home so it will still fit!

2. The side-entry garage is a more difficult option for those who have large vehicles to park.

3. The drive-under garage is perfect for those who want the privacy and serenity that only an uphill slope can provide. Homes that are located near the beach often feature a lower-level garage to elevate living spaces.

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