Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance Tips

The change of seasons has both pleasant and perilous effects on us and the things we use. Let us take garage doors, for instance. Seasonal changes have a harmful effect on Garage doors. This is why you should call a garage door professional for the seasonal maintenance of your garage doors.
Why do garage doors need seasonal maintenance?
If you observe closely, you will see signs of wear and tear on your garage door during every season as seen below.


Spring is the best time not only for spring cleaning your home but for annual garage door maintenance too. During spring, the weather is pleasant and easy to work with no tension on the metal components as well.
Call a professional garage company for garage door inspection. Ask them to check and lubricate the torsion springs, extension springs, lift cables, track hardware, etc. 

Summer may cause many problems for your garage door. The scorching rays of the sun may fall on the photoelectric sensors. This prevents the door from closing. The extreme heat of the summer may cause the paint to peel and your wooden doors may lose their aesthetic appeal. It is time to touch up your door with a fresh coat of paint. 
The extreme temperatures heat up the garage to even 1000. This causes your steel doors to expand and get jammed. Then, you must adjust the limits of the garage door opener. 
Summer is also the time to wash your garage doors with a mild detergent. You must also check the rubber weatherstripping and replace them if necessary.
For all these simple maintenance tasks, call a reliable garage door company. They can give you same-day service at affordable costs.
Fall (also known as Autumn) brings a bunch of dirt and debris with the falling leaves and blowing wind. Garage door rollers get worn out due to the buildup of dust on them. The dust can clog up on the garage door tracks and damaging them. If the photoelectric sensor is blocked up with dust, your garage door will not open or close properly. Do regular maintenance of your garage door each Fall to prevent additional damage.

Winter is worst for garage doors. The moisture causes wood doors to warp. There are signs of corrosion on your steel doors due to the moist climate. Aluminum garage doors also show signs of deterioration in coastal cold temperatures.
Better get your garage door weatherstripping changed before winter to prevent moisture from seeping in.
Use these tips for routine maintenance during every season. Only a professional garage door repair company in Nashville can handle this seasonal garage door maintenance efficiently.
Regular maintenance tips for garage doors during every season.
Irrespective of the season, you must do these simple tasks if you wish to maintain your garage door well. Always call a reputed garage door repair company in Nashville for these annual garage door maintenance services
  1. Check for loose hardware like broken springs, rollers, etc
  2. See if the garage door tracks are properly aligned and the roller brackets are in place
  3. Inspect the chain drive, bearing plates, and pulleys on extension for my damage
  4. Adjust the alignment of the photoelectric sensors.
  5. Check if the auto-reverse feature of the automatic opener is working well
  6. Look for center bearing and balancing issues.
  7. Double-check the safety features of the garage door as safety is first always.

Seasonal home maintenance is something you do every season to protect your home. Why not include your garage in this routine maintenance? Hire an expert garage door company to care for it every season. And watch your garage door give you no complaints about any reason.

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