Should I Get A Steel Garage Door?

Every beautiful home needs a beautiful garage with an equally beautiful garage door. When you set out to look at garage door options, You have to think of many factors like garage door materials, energy efficiency, curb appeal, etc. Of these, most people set out with material as the prime criterion for selecting the type of garage door.

There is a wide variety of materials for us to choose from- steel, wood, fiberglass, aluminum, composite wood, etc. Among these options, steel doors emerge as the best choice.

Steel is a popular material to use for garage doors due to a number of valid reasons. Our Nashville garage door repair company technicians gives you 9 best reasons to choose steel garage doors.

9 Best Reasons why you should choose a steel garage door


When you think of steel, you think of strength. Steel is the best choice for garage doors mainly due to their toughness and longevity.

Being an alloy of iron and carbon, steel is a thick, robust material that can last for several years. It can withstand heavy traffic and rough use and is resistant to wear and tear.

Steel does not crack, bend, or develop dents easily. It is also rust-resistant. Its thickness makes it a good choice for an insulated garage door.

A strong steel door can also act as a formidable defense against theft and break-ins


The best feature of steel garage doors is that steel is weather-resistant. No amount of sun, rain, wind, or snow can affect a sturdy steel door with a tight weather seal.

If you have a galvanized steel door, you need not ever worry about rust. A pre-painted steel garage door works equally well against rust.

Energy efficiency

Steel doors are energy-efficient by themselves as their thickness does not allow the external temperature to affect the garage interior easily. Over and above this, an additional layer of polystyrene or polyurethane insulation can act as an excellent barrier to climatic changes.

A steel door with 1-3/8″ polystyrene insulation can withstand strong winds, sleet, or snow. It can also prevent moisture from getting into the garage during rain or snow. Polyurethane insulation too works effectively with steel doors to reduce annual energy costs.

Versatile in style and design

With steel doors, you have a variety of styles that you can create or customize. You can have side-hinged garage doors, sectional doors, or regular up-and-over garage doors. You can also choose from a roller, sliding, or swing-out garage door style.

You can try a variety of options with steel – carriage house doors, canopy doors, etc.

Low maintenance

Regular maintenance is what every garage door needs. But, the maintenance requirements of some types of doors are far less than others.

For instance, wooden doors need regular polishing, varnishing, etc. On the contrary, steel doors are virtually maintenance-free. All they need is regular cleaning with clean water or soapy water from time to time.


Some home buyers might think of plastic doors or composite doors as cheaper options for garages. But, plastic doors are non-biodegradable. So are composite wood doors as the wood is often integrated with plastic polymers to gain toughness.

Unlike plastic or faux wood doors, steel doors can be recycled and are a sustainable alternative for the environment.

Convenient to use

Wood doors are heavy and difficult to lift or operate. Vinyl, plastic, or aluminum garage doors are very lightweight yet bend easily.

Steel doors are neither too flexible nor too heavy. They are easy to lift, install, and operate.

It is also easier to install an automatic garage door opener on a steel door than any other one. That is why for automatic operation, steel doors are the best.

Quiet operation

Wooden garage doors usually make noise, especially in winter. During cold seasons, wood expands and gets stuck to the floor causing a screeching sound while opening or closing.

In contrast, steel garage doors make very less noise and only need oiling from time to time


When it comes to curb appeal, wooden doors may score more. Wood grains have a natural beauty that is hard to resist. But they cost a packet as they are very expensive.

In contrast, steel doors cost less and can look attractive too. Doors of steel with a painted or powder-coated frame finish look chic and modern.

Composite cladding is fixed to steel doors to make them have a woody exterior. Steel doors can look extremely classy with a walnut finish. Connect a call with Nashville’s garage door repair service technicians to know about the cost we provide.

Steel doors are the perfect and popular choice for garages. There is a wide range of styles and garage door models at Tip Top Garage Doors Nashville to choose from. Get your steel garage door from the best garage door manufacturers to get the best quality at the right price.

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