Six Ways To Make Your Garage Greener

Did you know that your garage has a lot of potentials to help make your home more eco-friendly? Not only can greening up the space lead to lower energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint, but it also plays an important role in ensuring safety. So don’t forget about this overlooked area – there are plenty of easy ways for you to get started!

With the simple tips below by our garage door repair company experts in Nashville, you can make a few sustainable changes to make your garage eco-friendly.

Simple Tips To Make Garage Eco-friendly

Change Light Bulbs and Fixtures

Illuminate your smart garage with energy-efficient LED lights! Incandescent bulbs are incredibly wasteful compared to LEDs, sending up to 90% of their energy consumption toward heat instead of light. Make the switch and save power today.

Invest in an Energy-Efficient Garage Door

Are you feeling the heat (or cold!) in your attached garage? Without proper insulation, frequent openings and closings can cause your adjacent rooms to experience significant energy loss. Take control of rising temperatures – start with keeping a handle on climate changes in the home’s most overlooked spot: The professional garage!

With proper insulation and the sealing of cracks, weather stripping can be installed for your garage door to help save energy usage by preventing any loss of heat or cool air. You’ll get all the benefits of an insulated environment without sacrificing comfort!

Wrap Outlets And Light Switches in Insulation

Make a dramatic difference in your carbon footprint and electricity bill with simple adjustments! Take time to check electrical outlets and light switches for any small cracks or openings that allow cold outdoor air into the garage. Plug these up using insulating raw material or sealant, so you can maximize energy efficiency all year round.

Use Motion Detectors

Equip your garage with a motion detector and enjoy the benefits of enhanced home security while saving energy! These devices will detect movement in the space, automatically turn on lights when needed, and switch them off once you leave – ultimately helping keep your bills low as you take positive steps towards achieving an eco-friendly living environment.

Capture and Reuse Rainwater

Make sure your garage stays green with the help of water conservation! Collecting and using recycled rainwater helps save energy bills, resources, and money. It can even be used to wash cars or water lawns – simply purchase a rain barrel at any local hardware store (or call in an expert for installation). You’ll have eco-friendly benefits galore!

Green the Doors in Your Garage

Protect the energy efficiency of your home while enhancing comfort by installing insulation in those oft-forgotten garage doors. Not only will you keep warm air out, but it’ll help maintain a consistent indoor temperature throughout all seasons!

Do you need a door that offers superior insulation? Garage doors with built-in insulation have R-values of up to 7, providing excellent protection against the elements. Other energy-saving ideas for your garage doors include the following green practices:

– Upgrade your garage’s insulation to stop hot and cold air from entering or escaping. Seal cracks around the walls and install weather stripping for optimal comfort all year round!
– Make a positive impact on the environment by selecting doors that are crafted from recycled materials – helping to reduce our collective waste footprint.
–Avoid energy loss by keeping your automatic garage doors in top condition! Regular maintenance will ensure they open quickly so you don’t have to worry about heated or cooled air escaping.
– Caulk around any doors from the garage to your home or yard, and check for leaks in windows and doors.

Make your home as energy efficient and green as possible – install solar panels in your garage to generate clean, renewable electricity! Going solar is a great way to reduce emissions while saving money in the long run. By taking these few simple steps with the help of Nashville’s garage door service experts, you can enjoy an eco-friendly garage and save money.

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Tom Avraham

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