Tips For Purchasing Your First Garage Door

All of us are always excited when we are out to buy something. Shopping for your garage door can be an exhilarating experience. Let’s understand why.

A garage door accounts for 30% of the exterior of a home. So, along with enthusiasm, we also must have a good sense to look for features and functionality in the door.

First-time buyers are usually taken in by the curb appeal of the garage door. They fail to look at factors like the garage door material, energy efficiency, etc. These factors play a pivotal role in choosing the door.

To choose the right kind of door, one needs a garage door-buying guide. Or use the tips given below by our Franklin’s garage door repair company experts before purchasing your first garage door.

Valuable tips to help you purchase your first garage door

Choose the type of garage door you want depending on

Garage door material

Before you buy the door, decide on its material. Plenty of garage door material options abound on the market today.

If you want strength, durability, and weather protection, choose steel garage doors. For classy looks and style, opt for wood garage doors. For sleek, modern looks with minimal maintenance, go for aluminum garage doors.

Better still, you can customize your garage doors. Give your steel door a composite wood overlay. Or give them the grainy finish to resemble real wood. Wood doors can have beautiful steel cladding to enhance their strength.

While choosing the door material, keep in mind the budget, durability, weight, and maintenance. Natural Wood doors are not only heavy in weight but also in price. Aluminum frame doors are the cheapest. Steel doors are just right in price and quality.

Weather Protection

The climate around us has a profound effect on the life of garage doors. Heat can make metal expand and wood warp. Cold or rainy weather can make metal rust and wood shrink.

If you are living in a coastal or humid climate, the salt in the air can corrode your steel garage doors. In a windy area with hail and heavy winds, try to avoid aluminum garage doors. Aluminum doors can get easily damaged by flying debris in windy weather.

When we buy garage doors, we must consider the weather as a critical factor. The type of garage door we buy must be protected from the weather. You can have a watertight weather seal. This weatherstripping is fitted as a gasket or a sleeve around the contours of the door.

The weatherstripping is usually of rigid polystyrene or polyurethane foam. The foam core can have a thickness of 2 to 8 inches thick, depending on your need and budget.

Garage door insulation

Did you know that your garage door can actually reduce your heating costs and energy bills? It can if you use garage door insulation.

A layer of insulation adds to the thermal resistance of the door and makes it more energy efficient. The material used can be fiberglass, cellulose, or a core of foam insulation.

An insulated garage door is one that has a layer of insulation between panels. This insulation prevents the transfer of heat, thus preserving the temperature within the garage. This means your garage does not need much heating or air conditioning. So, your energy bills will not shoot up.

Choose insulated doors with a 0.5-1 mm thick core of foam insulation or a 1.5 mm thick layer of fiberglass batts.

Curb appeal

Homeowners mostly buy garage doors based on their aesthetic appeal. This curb appeal depends on the architectural style, painting, exterior finish, etc.

Design options vary from traditional styles like carriage doors to modern sectional doors. The exterior finish can range from paneling, painting, staining, etc depending on the type of the door material.

Give your door a painted or powder-coated frame finish. Steel doors come in factory-applied finishes that require little maintenance. Wood doors look good when stained.

Customize your garage door the way you want. Have glass windows or curtain slats to let in natural light. Eaves or a canopy can do wonders to your door.

Types of garage door

While selecting the garage door, look at all garage door options before you decide.

Do you want an automatic garage door with a garage door opener? Or a smart garage door that operates via WIFI?

What is the mechanism of the garage door system you want? Do you want a belt-drive garage door or a screw-drive garage door?

Explore the various options for both residential and commercial garage doors. Get one with durable material, the best insulation, and the latest garage door style.

Make the right choice after consulting professional garage repair service experts in Franklin

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