What Do The Sounds Coming From Your Garage Door Mean?

The sound of your professional garage door opener is an important aspect to take care of. Garage doors make noise when they open, but this isn’t always enough for some people who want to silence solutions. Some garage door noises, however, should not be ignored. When you hear an unusual sound from your home’s door, it could signify something wrong with the hinges and tumblers. Without regular maintenance or service on these parts of our homes – especially if they were not installed by reliable garage door repair companies in Nashville who know what needs repair the outcome can be disastrous!

Time for Maintenance Or Repair

The more a residential garage door ages, the more strange noises it produces. As parts of this system age and start to exhibit signs of wear they must work harder for each desired result- therefore increasing their chance of breaking down entirely! Regular garage door maintenance and parts replacements can help if you hear common sounds like:

Grinding: The noisy garage door opener may be related to a chain or belt on the device, sometimes you can hear these metallic grinding sounds when trying to force it into operation. It is essential that these issues get resolved before they become louder and more persistent. As this may result in needing new parts for garage door installation by a garage door technician.

Squeaking: The garage door squeak may be making an annoying noise when you open or close it. A noisy garage could mean that the weatherstripping on its exterior frame is dried out, and needs to be lubricated. If there’s no improvement after trying these remedies you’ll probably need service for your door from a skilled technician at the reputed garage door company.

Rattling: If you hear a rattling sound when someone opens your front door, it could be a loose bolt or nuts. If this is the case with any of our other solutions not working for what’s causing them either then there may be something wrong with either hardware or metal tracks; maybe even both!

Squealing: The squealing noise you hear when moving your car may be a sign of a lack of lubrication. If this persistence continues, speak with an experienced garage door expert — they might have to take off and reinstall the door or other parts in order for it to stop making such noises!

Slapping: Slapping sounds of metal hitting against other garage door components can be an indication that you need to adjust your automatic garage door opener.

Vibrating: If you hear a strange sound coming from your front door, check to make sure all of the nuts and bolts are tight. This will reduce friction which could be causing this odd noise! Proper lubrication or replacing rollers may also help with smoothness as well.

Helping to keep the noise down in your common garage is easy with some soundproofing garage door panels or additional insulation on either side of where you’ll be installing an opener.

Strange Garage Sounds

There are several common causes to blame a loud garage. These are some examples:

Your door is old: These noises are generally caused when the electric garage door becomes old. It can be by old metal rollers that are in need of additional garage door lubricant.

Your door is unbalanced: Aligning the automatic garage can help reduce noise and makes the garage door quieter. To correct this problem contact a garage door repair service technician who can adjust the garage door tracks on their own or with help from others if necessary so that you don’t have any issues in the future!

Your opener needs servicing:  Belt-drive makes less noise than Chain-drive openers. Garage door manufacturers have to be contacted in case of a loose belt or chain, for garage door repair or garage door replacement.

The garage door rollers are worn: The steel of a garage door opener is noise-producing, while nylon rollers reduce the amount and kind.

There are loose nuts and bolts: If you notice that your garage door makes an unusual screeching sound when opening or closing, this could be due to loose nuts and bolts.

Rollers and hinges need lubricating: When you hear that annoying grinding sound, it’s time for some Garage Door Maintenance! Regular lubrication of your moving parts will stop them from making noise.

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Tom Avraham

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