What to Do If Your Garage Door Remote Isn’t Working

After a long and stressful day, an unexpected garage door issue like your garage door remote not working can be the last thing you want to deal with. But don’t worry! With some insight into how remotes work and common problems that arise from regular use, opening up your professional garage won’t need to remain tricky for too much longer.

In need of some remote help? Common functionality issues can be tricky to identify and fix, but don’t worry! We have all the answers you need for getting your garage door remote running smoothly again. Our Nashville garage door repair company experts explore a few common causes that could be behind those pesky problems for Hendersonville residents–and how to get them fixed quickly and easily.

Common Problems And Solutions

Is your modern garage door opener remote causing frustration? Don’t call for garage door technician help just yet! Explore five of the most common issues homeowners experience with their remotes and discover easy tips on how to fix them fast. With a few simple checks, you could be back in business again in no time!

Drained Garage Remote Batteries

Check the batteries and try out your wall-mounted control panel. If you experience a successful response, chances are that drained or dead batteries could be to blame for the non-functionality of your garage door keypad.

Solution: Keep your average garage door keypad in top shape by replacing old batteries with new ones! Make sure to use the same kind of battery as before for optimal performance. After swapping it out, test it and you’re all set – easy peasy!

Physical Damage

If your remote suddenly stops working, it could be due to an unsuspected culprit: Dropping or stepping on it. Even if the exterior appears intact after a fall, this can still cause internal damage and impair its functioning. Take into account extreme weather conditions too; rain or snow may have caused further complications with your qualified garage door keypad’s performance!

Solution: If you’ve determined your universal remote has suffered physical damage, it’s time to purchase a new one and ensure its longevity. Make sure the replaced remote is stored away from any potential hazards like rain or cold weather that can cause further harm.

Disrupted Signal

If you’ve replaced the batteries but your universal garage door still won’t open, an interruption in the remote signal could be to blame. An obstruction between the receiver and transmitter can disrupt communication – make sure nothing is standing in their way!

Solution: Make sure you are within a stone’s throw of your universal garage door before attempting to open it remotely. If there is trouble with the connection, check if anything has been placed between the opener and remote that might be disrupting the signal – removing these objects may help get things up and running again!

Engaged Lock Button

If you’re having trouble opening your automatic garage door, double-check the control panel. The lock button may have been pressed inadvertently, disabling your universal remote–so make sure to disengage it in order for a seamless operation!

Solution: Unlock your entire garage door opener with ease! All you need to do is press the lock button on your control panel. If it signals the door to move after that, then the problem is solved – and don’t forget to test out your wall control too afterward.

Remote Needs Reset

If you’re having trouble with your residential garage door opener, a quick DIY fix is to reprogram the wireless keypad. By doing this regularly, you’ll be sure that your signal reaches its destination every time!

Solution: Ready to reset your residential garage door remote? Just locate the Learn button on both the control panel and garage door remote control, press it for 30 seconds, and hold it for three. The opener may flash or blink–this lets you know that everything is working correctly. To check out if this fix has been successful, try using your newly-resettled remote again!

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