What To Teach Kids About Garage Door Safety?

When teaching kids about garage door safety, it’s important to emphasize the importance of keeping the door closed and locked when not in use. Explain that an open garage door can be a hazard for small children or pets who may wander into the area and get hurt. Additionally, remind them that leaving the door open can also be an invitation for burglars to enter their homes.

It’s also important to teach kids not to play with the garage door opener or any of the other components of the system. Explain that tampering with the door can be dangerous and can cause serious injury.

Finally, make sure your kids understand that they should never try to open or close the garage door manually. Explain that it’s a complex system and requires special tools and knowledge to operate safely. Keep your family safe and sound in the face of an emergency with these easy-to-follow garage door safety tips! Ensuring peace of mind for yourself and those you love is just a few steps away.

Lets Kids Know The Dangerous Parts of a Garage Door

Keeping our children safe around heavy garage doors is essential. This is why Franklin garage door repair company expert technicians have shared common garage door safety tips to help teach kids how to use the door correctly and safely each time. With these guidelines, parents should also teach their kids the dangerous parts of a garage door so that they can be confident that their little ones are protected from any average garage door injuries in the future.

  • The Garage Door Spring System

Keeping your professional garage door safe is of the utmost importance. Luckily, there are two spring systems designed to do just that – torsion and extension! To open your door with ease, you need torsion springs placed above the head and extension springs tucked away in horizontal tracks. They should never be tampered with, so if any children in your home spot a broken spring they must alert you right away for proper repair.

  • Lifting Cables

Our automatic garage door system utilizes high-tension cables attached near the bottom of each side that wind up onto drums located on a steel tube. Although they are designed to be stable and secure, it is recommended by Franklin garage door repair service professionals never to tamper with these components due to their strength, as safety should always come first.

  • The Photo Eye Sensors Reversal System

Ensure your garage door opener is secure and well-maintained with two small, sleek units installed on the tracks of each side. Positioned between 4 to 6 inches from the floor level, they emit an infrared beam that keeps any unwanted object out – a powerful yet simple solution for complete assurance!

Keeping your family safe is a top priority, and this safety element is key. Aligning them correctly ensures they operate properly to help prevent accidents like being hit by a lowering high-quality garage door. Making sure each one of these is in perfect alignment provides you with an extra layer of protection for the whole family!

Youngsters Should Not Play With The Garage Door

  • Moving Door

Its important kids understand that they should never attempt to walk under a commercial garage space while it is closing. Instead, wait until the door has completely lifted up before passing through – this will help keep them safe and sound!

  • The Safe Garage Door Remote Controls And Garage Door Panel

Being safe around residential garage doors starts with making sure young kids are kept away from both the remote and keypad. To prevent accidental openings, always place the exterior keypad at least 5 feet off the ground – a great reminder to teach your little ones!

  • Never Climb On The Door

Don’t be tempted to use your double garage doors like a ladder! The reinforcement struts you may see on the inside of these types of doors are an important safety measure, intended only for the support and stability they provide – not as makeshift steps.

  • Keep Hands And Fingers Free Of The Section Joints

To ensure child safety, make sure lift handles are installed on both sides of the garage door. This precautionary measure helps prevent any finger injuries as kids go about opening or closing it manually.

  • Ask Your Older Kids To Be On The Watch

To prevent serious injury, parents should always educate children about garage doors and supervise their children when exiting the detached garage floor. Installing a photo reversal system is highly recommended to make sure no little ones get too close as it opens and closes – older kids can play an important role in monitoring this process for any of the young members at home.

  • Keep The Access Code Secret

Keep your family’s home secure by teaching children to keep the garage door code private. Remind them that they should always shield their hands before entering any passcodes, so no one can access its contents without permission.

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