What’s the Value of Improving My Garage Door?

Prospective buyers look for a garage as one of the necessities while buying a house. And if the garage is well-maintained, the house fetches more return-on-investment. This is why most homeowners take efforts to improve their residential garage doors.
But there are more benefits of improving a garage door than this. Nashville’s best garage door repair company shares the various available options.

What are the Reasons to improve your garage door?

Your garage door remodeling project has great benefits like these:

Get a better return-on-investment for your home

A garage door can increase the value easily by 4-5%.
So if your garage door is in good condition, your home will fetch a better price. This comes to around $15,000 if you consider the home value to be over $200,000. 
You would not want to lose that, right? Then, it is time to improve your garage door.

Lure Potential buyers
A beautiful home must have an upscale garage to increase its aesthetic appeal. Only then does it attract potential buyers. When you start your affordable home improvement project, begin with the selection of garage doors.

If you have a Victorian-style home, match it with a Colonial garage. If your home is modern, use a contemporary style door.

Improve the aesthetics of your home

You want your home to be picture-perfect. Then, get your garage door refurbished to enhance the curb appeal of your garage door. Get it a fresh coat of paint or varnish. Change its panels. Repair the garage door components. Let your improved garage door enhance the external appeal of your home.

Make your garage door more secure

Improving your garage door is a good time and reason to upgrade its safety feature. Install new photoelectric sensors and alarms. Switch to a new garage door opener that operates digitally on code. Do not compromise with your garage door security features.

Enhance the energy efficiency of your garage door

The insulating capacity of your garage door is the factor that governs its thermal efficiency. An insulated garage door maintains the ambient temperature within the garage. It prevents cold air or moisture from entering the garage. By insulating your garage door, you are saving on your energy costs. So, increase the R-Value of your garage door by installing a double wall of insulation.

This garage door insulation can be made of foam board for wooden garages. Use fiberglass insulation for steel.
A garage door specialist can guide you rightly on this.

Reduce maintenance costs 

The repeated use of your garage door can cause wear and tear. If you don’t maintain your garage door, it will suffer much damage. This damage could be rusting, warping, denting, or loose hardware. 

When you embark on an improvement project for your garage door, you are actually maintaining it. Call a reliable garage door company for its maintenance and repair services. These professionals will oil the parts, paint the door exterior, and reseal the insulation. They will repair the damaged garage door components and replace the worn-out ones. This will reduce the additional costs for maintenance. 

Extend the life of your garage door 

The more you care for your garage door, the longer it will live. Increase the life and strength of your garage door by improving it.

How to improve your garage door?

Use the following pointers for your Remodeling project 

Improve visual appeal by adding elements 

If you are thinking of a garage door replacement, do it with full fervor. Add new visual features like cross beams, carriage windows, hardwood floors, etc

Paint it bright

Add a new dash of paint to your street-facing garage door. Paint it with a bold color to make it stand out. 

Add on some accessories

Modern garage doors come with a host of accessories. They include exterior lights, sensors, alarms, etc. Add these special features to your automatic garage door to improve its functionality.

Improvement is the only way to gain efficiency. And this is true for garage doors as well.

Improve your garage doors to gain maximum performance and 95% percent ROI. Call Tip Top Garage Doors Nashville for your next garage door project. 

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Tom Avraham

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