When do I Need a New Garage Door?

Homeowners usually fit a new garage door when they are setting up a new home or renovating it.  Apart from this, there are times when your garage door needs a quick replacement.

It is better to identify the warning signs that tell you when it is time for your garage door replacement.  If you know when you need to replace your garage door, you will be better prepared. Else, a sudden emergency might arise requiring immediate replacement and this could be an expensive option.

To avoid such sudden crises and heavy garage door replacement costs, you can do 2 things. Do regular garage maintenance by calling expert garage door professionals. Or know the times when you would really need to replace your garage door and be prepared to do it.

Signs that Indicate that You Need a New Garage Door

Take a look at these warning signs that signal the need for immediate or complete replacement of your garage door. Watch for these in your garage door and when you see them,  delay no more and call a reliable garage door repair company in Nashville at once.

Garage Door Injury

Faulty garage doors can cause accidents and injuries to people. If you do not perform proper maintenance of your door by calling a qualified garage door professional,  some of its parts might malfunction and you might not even notice it. Damaged parts like broken springs, worn rollers, or frayed garage door tracks or cables might cause your garage door to pinch your fingers or crash suddenly causing heavy injury.  

Avoid such garage door accidents by calling a trusted garage door technician to inspect and repair your door from time to time.

Slow Garage Door

Garage doors usually take 12-15 seconds to open or close. If this operating cycle is longer than 20 seconds, your garage door needs checking and replacement.  Call a professional garage expert if you have a slow garage door

Noisy Garage Door

A garage door in good condition will have a smooth operation without noise. Noises from the garage door are obvious signs of its malfunctions. If you hear any grinding, crunching, or rattling sounds often, call a professional garage expert for garage door repair. Even after this, if sounds persist, it is time to get it replaced to ensure quieter operation.

Lack of Safety Features 

Of the different types of garage doors, it is the old or traditional ones that often lack safety features. Modern garage doors come with additional features for improved safety like photo eye sensors, emergency release cords, etc. If your door lacks these features, it could cause heavy accidental damage to you and your door. Never take a chance with doors without safety features. Get it replaced at once.

Heavy Energy Bills

Garage doors usually have polyurethane insulation for energy efficiency and harsh weather protection. Inclement weather can hike up your bills and energy costs. If you find your energy bills soaring, it is time to replace the existing one with an insulated garage door.

Frequent and Costly Repairs

The heavy lifting of your garage door might cause its small parts like garage door rollers to get worn out. These parts may look small But they can cause irreparable damage to your door if left unnoticed. So, you call a local handyman and repair it. But, if he uses cheap garage door components,  the problems recur needing more repairs and incurring heavy repair costs.

Avoid repeated repairs by calling a reliable garage door company for regular maintenance of your door. If your door needs repeated repairs, replace it without delay.

Bad Appearance

A beautiful garage door will give you a good return on investment when you sell your home.  On the other hand, peeling or. Reached garage door panels mar the aesthetic appeal of your garage door and reduce its curb appeal. Replace your garage at once if you find its appearance fading.

Remember, garage door replacement is a one-time expense that can save you a lot of tension, trouble, and money. Watch out for the above signs that indicate the need for immediate garage door replacement and execute it without delay by calling a reputed garage door company.

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