Why is Energy Efficient Garage door important?

The word “energy-efficient” has become synonymous with many things. Now it is associated with garage doors. Green or energy-efficient garage doors are in popular demand lately. They form a thermal envelope around the garage that yields energy savings and reduces your monthly utility costs.

But, what exactly is an energy-efficient garage door? What is the difference between normal garage doors and eco-friendly garage doors? The best garage door repair company in Nashville shares the differences between normal garage doors and energy-efficient garage doors

Difference between a standard and green garage door

A standard garage door is made of materials like wood, steel, or aluminium. They are uninsulated garage doors and may not have a layer of insulation. But a green door is often made of recycled materials. They are well-insulated garage doors packed with foam insulation. This helps them prevent the transfer of heat and blocks airborne sound. If you have an insulated door, you can use the garage as a workspace even in extreme temperatures.

Factors that make a garage door energy-efficient

A garage door has energy efficiency if it fulfils the following conditions 

1. The garage door materials used are eco-friendly with a high level of insulation 

2. The manufacturing process leaves no carbon footprint and uses recycled content 

3. The door is able to withstand strong winds

4.  It forms a thermal envelope that prevents heat loss 

5. It is built with quality components that increase the life of the door.

Common materials used for eco-friendly garage doors
An energy-efficient door can use steel, wood, aluminum, or composite wood as its material.

Using steel is an ideal option as it prevents energy loss and offers durability. The thickness of the steel door matters more than the gauge. Using thick low gauge steel is better than using thin high gauge steel. Using multiple layers of steel also increases thermal efficiency, durability, and dent resistance.


Aluminum is not the right choice as an insulated door as it is a poor insulator.


Wood is chosen more for the curb appeal rather than garage door lifespan or insulation.

Composite wood

This material  is the best alternative as it combines the properties of steel and wood. It has a steel exterior with an outer overlay of faux wood. This gives both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Factors to consider during an energy-efficient garage door purchase
While shopping for a green garage door, bear in mind these points.
Insulation R-value

The R-value of a door measures its insulating capacity. It is determined based on the insulation capabilities of the door’s material and the type of insulation used.

Type of insulation 

There are 2 types of insulation material for garage doors- polyurethane and polystyrene. This is in the form of a layer of foam insulation. 

Thicker the polystyrene foam, the more the R-value. In contrast, polyurethane foam is in the form of a spray foam that seeps into all corners and spreads evenly. This polyurethane insulation is more effective than a layer of polystyrene.

Number of insulation layers used

Single-layer garage doors have no insulation at all. Double-layered doors use polystyrene insulation. Door’s with triple layers may use polyurethane or thicker polystyrene for a greater R-value.

Air leakage

If air escapes from the insulated door, there will be a heat loss and the garage door insulation will be reduced. Prevent air leakage from your insulated garage door with a good layer of foam sealant and weather stripping.


Windows are a no-no if you want energy efficiency as they cause heat transference. If you insist on having them, use triple-glazed energy-efficient windows with a low-emission coating to reduce the transmission of heat.

Garage door opener 

If you use an electronic garage door opener, it will draw power even when it is idle. Instead, opt for an opener with a low power standby mode.

Buying an energy-efficient door is important as it not only reduces your energy bills but also helps in the optimum use of your garage as a workspace even in harsh weather conditions.

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