Why Is Your Garage Stuck? Solving Keypad Issues

Unlocking your garage door has never been easier with keypad technology. Unfortunately, some of the most common issues can prevent it from working properly – but don’t worry! We’ll walk you through how to troubleshoot your remote control and get back on track in no time.

Got a finicky garage door keypad? You have some options to consider! Make sure the batteries are fresh, check that it’s in proper alignment with your opener unit – or if need be upgrade to an all-new keypad. Whatever path you choose, these solutions can help get the job done right.

Garage door remotes and keypads may also not work due to a programming issue, in which case you may need the help of an expert. Don’t worry – just call in a professional who can quickly and safely reprogram it for you! By troubleshooting and taking the proper steps to diagnose and fix the issue, you can get your garage door back up and running in no time.

Ask Questions To Garage Door Repair Company

Having common issues with your keypad-operated garage door? Don’t fret – it could be an isolated incident caused by something small. To quickly get to the bottom of things, ask these few vital questions to our garage door repair company technicians in Franklin and you’ll soon have that door open again!

Is the Battery New?

Keep your automatic garage door functioning seamlessly with fresh battery power! Unfortunately, unlike smoke detectors that alert you when their batteries are running low, keypads won’t give any warning. Before diving into more complex solutions for a malfunctioning system, don’t forget to check the simplest first – replacing the keypad’s battery.

Replacing the battery could be your key to success – if you see it light up, consider yourself lucky. If not, keep on troubleshooting!

Is the Keypad Old?

Your garage door keypad may not always be your best friend. Over time, harsh weather conditions like rain and snow can take their toll on the exterior of the pad – coupled with age – causing potential malfunctions! Be mindful that regular maintenance is a must for this critical part of keeping your home secure.

If your garage door keypad has been around for more than ten years, it may be time to reassess its condition. Before replacing the whole system, consult a professional and get their expert opinion; they may just find some simple fixes that can prolong the life of your older model – saving you money in the long run!

Does The Keypad Need Reprogramming?

You’ve entered the code — but instead of opening that door, it appears to have closed it! It may be time for a bit of troubleshooting; chances are, your keycode isn’t quite working as intended.

Keyless entry pads can become easily confused over time, or may require reprogramming after changing the battery. If you’ve recently added a temporary PIN code, that could be why your existing one seems to have stopped working – so remember to remove any extra codes before they cause too much confusion!

Unlock the secrets to your common garage door opener system with a few simple solutions. Depending on the model, you may need to locate and press a learn button located in the light bulb compartment of your device for successful reprogramming! To update the code for your garage door opener, you’ll want to refer to either its manual or the manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, it involves pushing a lock button and inputting your new code within 30 seconds of pressing enter!

Don’t struggle with a locked-out garage any longer. If you can’t find the manual or reset code, contact a garage door repair technician in Franklin at (615) 671-4056! A qualified technician will have your door operational in no time – and if further repairs are needed they’ll be able to diagnose them quickly and efficiently too.

Is your garage door stuck? Our Franklin garage door repair service experts from Tip Top Garage Door Repair Franklin can help to diagnose the problem and repair or replace your door.

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