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It’s helpful to know what to expect throughout the installation process as you finish the process of purchasing a new garage door. We’re frequently asked how long the garage door installation job takes, and we want you to be aware of the major issues that can cause delays. We never advocate that anybody other than qualified garage professionals attempt to install a garage door due to the intricacy and potential safety dangers. If you purchased a high-quality garage door, get it installed properly by specialists to avoid any common type of garage issues. 

Tip Top Garage Doors specializes in the installation, service, and repair of professional garage doors in and around the Franklin area, with over a decade of experience. All projects are completed to a high standard of quality, with consideration for your budget, type of garage door, and property.

We specialize in garage door services, which include assisting you in selecting the correct door and garage door opener for your needs, conducting the installation, and backing up our work with long-term support and maintenance. We work with major brands such as Clopay and Wayne Dalton. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction throughout the entire process, from our first meeting to the completion of the task.

You can trust Tip Top Garage Door Repair Company to get the job done well, whether it’s a huge commercial project or a single residential garage door installation. Our team has the necessary experience and receives comprehensive on-the-job and off-the-job training. This assures that we are completely capable of working with the most cutting-edge items available today. We are trusted by some of the biggest names in our industry because we have made the commitment to excellence that they expect as an authorized installation for several prominent manufacturers.

To put your mind at ease, we’ve put together a quick rundown of what you can expect from the garage door installation process when professionals from the garage door industry are on the job.

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Step-by-step Process of Garage Door Installation

For a secure and dependable garage installation service, contact our garage door installation technicians in Tip Top Garage Doors:

  • Install the drive unit and connect it to the track. The motor that raises and lowers the garage door is housed in the drive unit.
  • Connect all of the track’s parts using the appropriate track type. When it comes to tracking, there are numerous possibilities ranging from a conventional radius to a vertical lift.
  • Attach the mounting bracket to the end of the track and the beam above the door’s opening. The mounting bracket spreads the motor’s draw throughout the door, ensuring that no single location receives all of the pulling force.
  • Connect the motor to a ceiling beam. This stage necessitates extreme precision because the motor must be installed in the exact middle of the garage.
  • Power the motor, and feed the wires from the ceiling into a wall switch.
  • Install Infrared sensors. These sensors prevent people or items from being caught beneath the door. When something blocks the way from the door to the ground, the IR sensors detect it.
  • Connect the garage door opener to the garage door.

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Why should you use a professional garage door service company to install your garage door?

  • The installation of a garage door is not a simple task. For others, this procedure may be laborious and exhausting. As a result, it’s always a good idea to hire a garage door installation company like Tip Top Garage Doors to handle the work.
  • The installation of a garage door necessitates meticulous attention to detail. The rails must be laid correctly, and the pulleys must be loaded correctly. Only a licensed installer, such as Tip Top Garage Doors, can handle this with care.
  • During garage door installation, a variety of issues may emerge. For example, an old gate opener that you would want to keep might not be compatible with your new contemporary garage door. Rollers can become caught, and garage springs can lose their springiness. Only specialists with experience in classic doors and sophisticated entry doors, such as Tip Top Garage Doors, can solve these challenges without stress.
  • A garage door installation project necessitates the use of specific gear, which you may not possess. Purchasing a garage door kit and tools is an unnecessary investment that should be avoided. Providers of garage door installation have all of the necessary equipment. Call Tip Top Garage Doors, who have the necessary knowledge and equipment to do the work.
  • Garage door installers must exercise prudence as well as patience. During the installation of garage doors, accidents are prevalent. Fingers may be pinched while adjusting the hinges, and if the glass shatters, your hands or legs may be slashed. If the garage door safety sensors fail and the doors slam on you, bones may be broken. Avoid such dangers by calling a professional garage door repair company in Franklin.

Tip Top Garage Doors Nashville has a wide range of garage door styles and solutions for consumers looking for the ideal residential and commercial garage doors. Your garage door spring, overhead door, and garage door opener should be simple to use, reliable, and long-lasting. Our Franklin garage door repair specialists have a wealth of experience.  

Call us at (615) 671-4056 to improve the curb appeal of your home in Franklin. Our friendly garage door repair technicians are eagerly awaiting your call. 


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