Garage Door Repair Services

A garage door is an essential component of every home. It not only provides the convenience of entering your home by simply pressing a button, but it also improves the curb appeal of your home. Professional garage doors lead rather straightforward lives. Up, down, up, down, year after year—until they suddenly don’t work the way they should. Fortunately, that simple function frequently results in straightforward repairs. Even reliable garage doors can fail or require extensive repairs.

Repairing a broken garage door can be aggravating. They always seem to occur at the most inconvenient times. For example, while you’re running late for work, attempting to send the kids to school, or about to go on vacation. Broken or damaged garage doors are frequently loud, unsightly, and embarrassing. Fortunately, you no longer have to put up with these annoyances.

Tip Top Garage Doors’ professional technicians have over a decade of experience in garage door installation services, and repair services in and around the Franklin area. We can handle everything from new garage door installation to broken springs and cables. All jobs are executed at a high standard of quality while taking into account your budget, type of garage door, and property.  We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction throughout the entire process, from our initial meeting to assignment completion We provide clients with high-quality services at reasonable pricing, so they don’t have to worry about their budgets.

To put your mind at ease, we’ve developed a brief explanation of what you can expect when professionals work through the garage door repair process.

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Garage Door Repair Service

The garage door itself slides on metal tracks and is powered by a powerful spring. The most important component here is the high-tension spring, which can cause catastrophic injury if not handled properly. A skilled technician may use the following procedures while repairing a garage door:

  • Examining the metal tracks and mounting brackets for wear and tear
  • Loose bolts and fasteners must be tightened.
  • Looking for dents and rust on the rails
  • Replacement of severely damaged tracks
  • Make certain that the tracks are level and aligned
  • Track and roller cleaning
  • Examining the door for any loose screws
  • Examining the hinges of roll-up doors for damage

Once the garage door has been inspected for damage and fixed, the technician will usually advise you on any potential future difficulties. You’ll also receive preventive maintenance advice and recommendations for any repairs or replacements that are required.


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Emergency Garage Door Services Tip Top Garage Doors Franklin Provide

We have on-call garage door technicians accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to react to emergency repair calls. This crew delivers necessary repair services at all hours of the day and night, guaranteeing that our customers are safe and stress-free. The following services are included in the 24-hour emergency repair package:

  • Services for repairing broken garage doors
    Repair services for faulty garage doors keep the door from falling off, which could result in injury to users and property damage. These services also protect users from inconveniences and potential burglaries. We offer;
    • Aligning sagging or crookedly hanging doors
    • Repair of off-track door rollers
    • Repairing doors that are only halfway open or closed
    • Repairing slamming garage doors
    • Garage door panel replacement
  • Repair of broken automated garage door openers
  • Garage door openers may stop working due to wear and tear or issues with the remote control mechanism. A faulty garage door opener keeps people out, causing inconvenience and exposing them to risks. If necessary, we repair and replace the openers.
  • Repair of torsion and extension springs
    Our customers’ safety comes first, which is why we provide garage door springs repair services. Torsion springs operate under high pressure, making them dangerous if repaired by an inexperienced person. Depending on the situation, we can wound and unwind door springs as well as repair door cables.
  • Repair of non-responsive wireless keypads
    Garage users are locked out if the wireless keypad fails to respond to the command to open or close the garage door. We recognize the importance of this issue because it can occur at inconvenient hours of the night or early in the morning when you need to leave the house. We program and reset the keypad, or if necessary, replace it, restoring door functionality.

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Why Choose Tip Top Garage Doors Franklin?

Tip Top Garage Doors’ emergency response staff is dedicated to ensuring the safety of garage users while also encouraging customer happiness. Our valued clients benefit from the following:

  • Quality services at reasonable pricing
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Same-day service is available.
  • Discounts on a wide range of repair services
  • Replacement with genuine garage door components
  • improved garage user safety

Do you need garage door opener service in Franklin? Tip Top Garage Doors is the place to go. We are Franklin’s best garage door repair company, offering a full range of professional garage door repair services to all garage owners. We offer garage owners same-day service, scheduled garage repair services, and emergency garage repair services.

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