What To Do If You Back Into Your Garage Door?

Accidents happen — and sometimes it’s as simple as hitting the automatic garage door with your vehicle when you’re in a hurry. Before deciding what to do next, take time to assess any damages caused by the collision. There are several ways you can address this issue – from minor fixes all the way up to full replacement of your damaged doors – so don’t worry: You have options! First, let us understand what repair issues can result from backing into a garage door. 

Garage Door Repair Issues Resulting from Backing Into a Garage Door

Your nearby garage door professional will check your contemporary garage door for specific problems. The extent of problems will depend on how fast you hit the garage door, but common issues associated with backing into a garage door include:

  1. Dents or broken panels
  2. Misaligned rollers
  3. Damaged garage door track

Garage door replacement is not an easy task, and it can be quite expensive. But don’t panic; there are some steps explained by our garage door repair company experts in Nashville you can take to either repair or replace the garage door in a cost-effective way. 

Simple Steps To Take

Avoiding a home improvement headache can be as simple as knowing what to do after accidentally backing into your garage door. Let’s explore those options now. Follow these steps to reduce stress and help repair the damage in no time!

Ensure the safety of everyone

When experiencing a minor fender bender, such as one involving your garage door, be sure to keep everybody safe by remaining calm and checking for injuries first. Then put the car in park before getting out of it – this is an easily forgotten step which can cause additional issues!

Assess the Damage

Give your car and garage door a good once-over every so often to ensure they don’t need any repairs. If you hit the door from inside, move your vehicle back for an easy check; if you were outside when it happened then step inside to safety while inspecting surface damages.

Verify that your door can be opened manually

Don’t test fate with a broken garage door – it’s best to not use your garage door remote until you have an expert come and check out the damage. Hitting your garage door may cause further harm if you try to open it, so take precaution before sending any signals!

Note the damages

Before reaching out to a local garage door experts, be sure to compile and review a list of any damage associated with your malfunctioning unit. It’s best not to attempt manual operation if the door is off its tracks or otherwise inoperable; ensure that you stay at least eight feet away from it until repairs are completed by an experienced professional.

Contact a nearby garage repair service

When it comes to any damages related to your garage door, don’t risk taking matters into your own hands. Calling a professional repair company is the best way to ensure that any repairs done are safe and effective – plus they can help identify issues you might not have noticed yourself! They’ll inspect all aspects of your system, from dents in the frame, track alignment problems through even garage door opener malfunctions.

Decide how you want to move forward

After your garage door company takes a look at the damage, you’ll be able to decide how to proceed. Minor damages like scratches or dents are affordable and easy enough for independent repairs, while major issues such as structural damage may require insurance claim – with claims available through your homeowners policy!

If you’ve encountered auto or garage door damage, be sure to check the extent of it and contact your auto insurance company. Filing a claim with your car insurer won’t cover any repairs to damaged garage doors – so make sure that homeowners policy is in place!

Trust  the Tip Top Garage Door Repair Professionals

If you’re looking to repair extensive damages caused by a professional garage door accident, replacing the entire garage unit might be your best option. Though it may require an extra investment up-front, the labor costs and repairs for spot fixes can quickly add up; opting for a new door could offer long term savings in future maintenance costs.

Accidentally backed into the closed garage door? You’ve got options. From minor dings to extensive damage, our Nashville’s garage door repair service professionals can help restore your space – no matter what you’re dealing with! Reach out today for a free repair or replacement section and get back on track in no time.

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